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  1. Genie, cat, gem, steam robot, giraffe, rock I see nore than one in that list :)
  2. You are welcome to do a better job in the same time, good luck :)
  3. Go to discord.gg/dd2 pm one of the cg staff, for example philip, tell him the situation, ask him for a second chance or a reset. I'd be really surprised if they didn't do any of these. They are usually quite helpful.
  4. Still happens to some, was extremely bad on release, almost all who had legacy ended up getting hacker tag :P
  5. Mix mode has no effect on nightmare currently, ridicolously enough :P
  6. The maxed NM gear was set to the new maximum of NM, without hardcore of course, as that wasnt a thing. My gear was set to 191, weapons to 203. I dont like it, but itsthe exact same as nm drops now, so no, it didnt get nerfed, you are just used to overly high stats :P
  7. Hmm, when I play on 5mb up/down, feel no lag at all. EU, norway.
  8. Considering how good elemental damage is on massacre already, its a good thing it doesnt get better woth attack xD
  9. gnollmar


    Chat: When writing H between waves, enters hero swap ui. Removes what you wrote and leaves chat on enemy hit. Removes what you wrote and leaves chat on wave end. Removes what you wrote and leaves chat on random ... Having to click page down to see chat when it gets longer. Some times just disappearing. Stops appearing after an amount of chat has been written. The chat is extremely broken in the game, ive multiple times tried writing the same thing 3-4 times in a row, cursed a lot, then opened up steam ui, written in steam and gotten killed by a dark warrior because I've used 5 times a much time as i planned on writing for examle "Copter ogre!" :/
  10. If I didn't already have a girlfriend I would be completely in love now! Welcome to Eternia :D
  11. If 1 reroll token is worth 100k, 10 is worth 1m, 286 is worth 28.6M then one 10/10 won't ever be worth more than that, just saying. (I usually buy reroll tokens at 20 per millon personally though, I said 100k to make a point of this being too much with rerolling being a thing.)
  12. Seeing as it is bought through steam, I'd believe the fault to be with steam itself or the payment for some reason not going through. Have the money gone out of your bank account? If so, maybe contact steam?
  13. More hosting options at all would be nice. Won't happen in dd2 though, but would be nice to see in dda :)
  14. A lot of people will be against your idea and rage about it not being dd1 enough. Im not one of those.
  15. Hmm, si basically an achievement mode working the same way as incursions are currently working. Finish ut Inge then wait for next watch and hope.
  16. Wow, that many bosses, I want your luck! :D The more bosses the more and better loot :D
  17. Sadly this can and will be misused. What would be nice maybe though would be a guild or something where you could basically report people as troll/leecher/etc. either sending a report to the higher ups or blackmailing them for joining up with guild members, depending on your rank in the guild etc. A guild or something like that was planned later down the road anyhows ..
  18. You wont see a major upgrade ever, thats how the system works. Basically, play on the difficulty you should play on (stay away from c7 or you will never max your gear) and equip the armor and weapon upgrades you get. The system is made to stop / lower amount of leeching, powerleveling etc. theres a reason people call ascension level requirement pointless, since theres so many running around with crap gear after having leeched on c7 ..
  19. Strongly disagree 33% is the hardcap for a reason.
  20. Its a bug, its well known, its being fixed.
  21. Thought it was free??? ... This was clearly that you tried to abuse an exploit on purpose ... Its actually something you could be banned for if trendy were stricter ..
  22. Are you talking about the alien spectre pet? It was an alienware giveaway, might still be codes out there maybe ..
  23. I see a ton of people leeching in c7 not understanding why they have so low gear either ... its kinda annoying really ... looking forward to those matchmaking fixes ^^
  24. Lady orcs wallclimbing skills what got them once removed from the game ... they were re-added for chaos ... with the same bug still in existance :/ They can do it without ogres btw and is the main reason people does everythiung to kill them before they get to the walls.
  25. First thing first, did you check your steam/ps wallet? Did you check if the money was actually used? Most people experience it going to their wallet first.
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