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  1. Seeing as it is bought through steam, I'd believe the fault to be with steam itself or the payment for some reason not going through. Have the money gone out of your bank account? If so, maybe contact steam?
  2. More hosting options at all would be nice. Won't happen in dd2 though, but would be nice to see in dda :)
  3. Bronze, Silver, Gold. That way we wont need cubes to trade insane amounts. Of course, that happened because money is infinite with cheat engine in dd1 :/
  4. Check requirements for unreal engine 4, thats what you will need.
  5. The crafting was one of the bad things about dde, one of the few differences from 1 :p Your system is basically tinkering in dd2 with stats. As long its the exact same named piece id be ok with it. Otherwise it would make the game a joke. i.e. rangers chest to rangers chest = ok rangers chest to warriors chest = not ok totem to medallion = extremely not ok
  6. A lot of people will be against your idea and rage about it not being dd1 enough. Im not one of those.
  7. Its not made yet ...
  8. Lost eternia Shards, usually called the shards dlc's. You ... really havent played dd1 when it was at top like at all, have you? Timeout .. thats just insulting, it was longer waves and more drops, you would run around killing ogres, repairing defences, while at the same time hunting for the best loot.
  9. For those saying dd1 is 1 hour on survival: this is with overpowered loot and with the game made easier to avoid the problem of disconnects on long games. A full survival would take multiple days pre-shards, back when dd1 was in its peak. I remember my first giraffe, was on magus, took me 3 days, was so much fun! Though, thedisconnects etcthat could happen randomly was a pain.
  10. hmm, afk timer, pause button, quicksave. Dungeon defenders needs to be casual, you need to be able to leave your computer for some hours, come back and continue. I remember my most fun in dd1 was hunting for giraffe, took me multiple days, then losing connection or something made me lose everything. In dd2 you had to use macros to avoid the antiafk timers, which is painfull in a game like this.
  11. I hope not, it made the game feel like a job rather than for enjoyment :p And i enjoy grinding the same shit for hours xD
  12. Hmm, si basically an achievement mode working the same way as incursions are currently working. Finish ut Inge then wait for next watch and hope.
  13. Wow, that many bosses, I want your luck! :D The more bosses the more and better loot :D
  14. Sadly this can and will be misused. What would be nice maybe though would be a guild or something where you could basically report people as troll/leecher/etc. either sending a report to the higher ups or blackmailing them for joining up with guild members, depending on your rank in the guild etc. A guild or something like that was planned later down the road anyhows ..
  15. You wont see a major upgrade ever, thats how the system works. Basically, play on the difficulty you should play on (stay away from c7 or you will never max your gear) and equip the armor and weapon upgrades you get. The system is made to stop / lower amount of leeching, powerleveling etc. theres a reason people call ascension level requirement pointless, since theres so many running around with crap gear after having leeched on c7 ..
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