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  1. It did NOT cost 15$ as new, whats up with all idiots coming up with non-facts? Considering how much it was etc. I probably used around at least 200$ in total!
  2. I guess, remove cap when you can't use dd1 hacks in dda xD
  3. .... seriously? Need better resolution on that pic! Then its only a day of nonstop grinding, guess it'd need cap up then.
  4. 2147 billion, at a pace of about 100 mill per hour as maximum ... thats 21470 hours = 895 days of farming ... yaaaaaaah ... not hacking at all, right?
  5. Yup, darkness traps are getting the needed and expected nerf. It doesn't work on ogres anymore.
  6. What video, someone made a video with an upgraded one? I'm talking unupgraded though, so not the same. Not surprised multiple people got good drops though.
  7. Think that is what he meant. Highest in beta was 1400.
  8. Any set, all primite / ancient / militia etc. will always give 25% increase of all the stats on the items in the set.
  9. And here I thought one survival run was far too short ... was much for fun back in the days of 8 - 10 hours per run :D
  10. What he says is wrong. What is right is that a patch today fixed it on insane, now giraffes drops on 25.
  11. Can only join games before wave 4, also games arent private and game names usually arent saved ..
  12. If I didn't already have a girlfriend I would be completely in love now! Welcome to Eternia :D
  13. If 1 reroll token is worth 100k, 10 is worth 1m, 286 is worth 28.6M then one 10/10 won't ever be worth more than that, just saying. (I usually buy reroll tokens at 20 per millon personally though, I said 100k to make a point of this being too much with rerolling being a thing.)
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