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  1. How about allowing trade through party members only if it's an item that drops while in game, for limited time (ONCE YOU LEAVE THE GAME, YOU CANT TRADE ANYMORE). It'll encourage people to party up for better gear, and cancel the chance of modded gear getting past around since it's only through dropped items in a map. I for one don't care about gold since I get plenty with jackpot gear, but If you want you can trade gold for the item in game, that might ruin the gold economy, but then again is there any real purpose for gold? it's not like you can go out and buy the best gear (limited trade through drops) , So I don't see why anyone would buy gold with real world money, hell If ya want you can just limit the trade for 100k gold like the shop in tavern, so people wouldn't care too much about gold really. It's just after hours of farming and getting the same gear I don't need while my friend gets the piece that I actually need, and guess what? VICE VERSA, how nice would it be to trade with someone you've grinded hours with? It'll make me want to keep going that's for sure, heh It'll even make me prefer to group up instead of solo'n all the time. In all It'll avoid cheated/modded gear getting past around and make grinding for gear more enjoyable considering I might actually get something after 2-3 hours :D
  2. I for one am 50/50, just spent money 2 days ago to get around this and made another squire for walls, (already have a tower squire) I spent money for no reason I guess which is the first slap in the face. sure a multi purpose squire might sound nice, DH/DP? heh, still wouldn't use it over DP/DC for building towers since defense crit is basically doubled damage. So basically the only purpose for DH/DP is increase in barricade dps? maybe help a little with ballista's damage, but still think it'll fall short on damage compared to defense crit. It just feels like you'll be making hero health a useless stat while nerfing barricades health. But hey Don't mind me, these changes won't affect my play at all since I grew my arcane barriers to 280k t1, who knows it might be the new walls, I'm just salty I paid for a new squire for nothing :)
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