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  1. Mages heal players and minions only, not towers.
  2. Apps needs a staff that work like the fireball tower, single proy, high dmg and splash. Towers in general are fine, i only use app towers, no more harps.
  3. After the 2k stat app towers work really well, every du saved can be very helpfully, and with minions doing the top damage harps are expensive for 6 du, imo.
  4. You are worried about Seahorses only ? Hehe funny story bro :O I play selffound only and have clocked over 1,3k hours so far and i yet have to complete ONE ultimate set. And thats just a regular ultimate set not counting fancy stuff like damage caped items. I know ill get the usual "Just because you havent found it doesnt mean others cant... blablabla" naysayers but my (conservative) estimate is that about 75-80% of the stuff thats traded on the forums is hacked with stats staying in the legitimate limit. And theres absolutely no way to find out :O Kind of same here, almost 1400 hou
  5. I remember those time runing mysti with just app and ensares, repairing all at the same time with OC, then was harps+monk, afk back in survivals, and im not even talking about minions. Harps are really overpowered, too much rate, they need a nerf. Minions too need a nerf in damage, and give that damage to apps towers :D
  6. i can confirm that insane give perfects ones, i get 1 a few minutes ago, after 16 runs in this week.
  7. Dont sell your cube now, if this keep this way in 2-3 months you can trade your cube for ultimates wep, sets and pets for all your chars.
  8. A 74 simple traptress for gas make the thing easy, sorry but i dont understand how a player with those stat dont know campaigns builds, seriusly. btw, use search function, you are the last asking for this, not the first one, theres millon of guides.
  9. You can start nm with at least 400/800 stat by farming insane. When nm was just spider no trans or high stat pets rewards was on insane.
  10. If you use a rock pet for dps you deserve the speed reduction, pet that boost hero speed perhaps?
  11. you can kill them all with a countess(best pvp char IMO).
  12. Tower stats dont drop, they get buffed with active builder, you cant do old school maps and try misty?, wrong. I recomend you to farm some insane hardcore challenges or survivals, you can get trans rewards from them.
  13. Personally I can't even step into nightmare, I have a level 75 apprentice as a main builder, a 70 EV, and a 70 monk. My apprentice's stats are around Towers - 160/310/190/210 Hero - 98/47/92/128 Resists - 28/40/29/19 I just don't even know what to do, any and every map is a complete mathematical shut out, at this point I've been farming up medium sunken monster fest. After reading the forums, I'm hesitant to even buy gear, that is if I can manage to find an actual shop. Is it even possible to step into nightmare with godly gear? Moreover I've been playing for 30 hours with the on
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