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  1. Official DD2 Bug Tracker - https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home
  2. but never tried the (b**ls**t) search function ... it's the game and this was asked like 3 times in the past 2 weeks
  3. see title ... actually downloading ~508MB
  4. Had that in Forest Crossroads some days ago while doing daylies in campaign mode
  5. +1 for putting in in the ingame loading screen before every map with a 2 minute timeout to read it
  6. on my G15 is see most of the time something between 5-15kb/sec while playing ...
  7. Do PS4 and PC servers have plenty of open C7 games then? I'm playing on the PC version and it's completely dead. You'll find 1 open game if you're lucky and getting into a c7 incursion is like a gift from the gods. Then u play on really starnge times ... i get in about 80%+ an open c7 game
  8. It's no X-Platform Server playing here ... X-Box plays only with X-Box I dont think there are that much players on X-Box that u will allways have a C7 game open waiting for you, this will need some time
  9. Common bug ... happends sometimes 3-4-5 times in like 3-4-5 minutes and then disappears for 1-2-3 weeks ... i even get that crap while on a static ip for 4 month+ playverse suxx ... oops... roxx ;o)
  10. If u scroll down in the achievement list u will read that theese 2 are hidden ones and the prequsites to get them are not revealed ... they were added with the 1.0 patch i guess
  11. ... and zoo bad that the superconductor and regeneration shard dont drop anymore ... anything else ... +1
  12. Conected to US Server...played 3 pub games ... while loading the 4th -> hello error
  13. trials required/min asc level isnt working at all ... only incursion and campaign does or did you checked that nifty lil bug with inc/campaign as well ?!
  14. did it allready twice with no problems (pub game !)
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