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  1. Yeahhhhhh, the devs need to go back and play dd1s challenges and rework/add some more stuff like that. The one op mentions about the mobs defending against you was by far the funnest map out of every dd game. It was extremely unique, and gave you one of the coolest/best weapons for the hunt until the second dlc map dropped. I honestly wish dd1 had gotten better support for the ps3, I'd easily still be playing that if it had. Well, better support, and ya know, gamespy not shutting down...
  2. L1 + left on dpad. The controller changes they did on this last patch were not necessary imo. All it did was make building require more button presses and make the already clunky inventory more complicated.
  3. Inventory > L1> L3 to open your full hero list, then L1 + dpad direction to set a hero as active.
  4. Lockboxs contain costume pieces, they do not go into your inventory. To see what you unlocked you have to visit the seamstress.
  5. 85% will end up quitting immediately no matter what state the game is in. Thats the nature of ftp. Only a handful of the 1000s of ftp games can boast otherwise. Citing the state of the game is just an excuse, and not good one. This game is light years ahead of where pc was when they went free. The "game breaking bugs" are few and far between now, at least in my exp. I've had 3 crashes and 2 instances of 1 ipwr drops, both times of malthius challge btw devs, since I've been back. Top tier triple a titles have released in a worse state than this game is currently in.
  6. Following paragraph is copy/pasted from the dev stream 61 recap. In the update after the Power Surge update, multiplayer online play will only be accessible to players with an active PlayStation Plus account. If you do not have a PlayStation Plus account, you will still be able to play single player or local co-op online. When Dungeon Defenders II leaves Early Access, all players will regain access to multiplayer online play. To all of our PS4 fans, thanks for playing Dungeon Defenders II in Early Access on PS4. We're excited to continue to get your feedback as we continue to improve the game
  7. One last thing, don't hold the forum guys, or any trendy rep you see randomly pop up here accountable. From what I've read they work in the 3rd reich. Google that for youselves.
  8. That means admitting guilt, which they are incapable of. Yall need to get off that high horse though. A fix will come when it comes. This isn't pc, they can't do weekly patches for us. It cost them money to introduce a new patch. Every patch they pay for only gets one free hotfix. They want to make sure the fix actually, you know, fixes the problem. Now that I've played devil's advocate, there is absolutely no reason that any small changes can't be applied server side. I called this out MONTHS ago. Games like guardians of middle earth bypassed Sony cert with server side hot fixes and balance
  9. I encountered the same problem, except for my issue is with most heros. Just hit square, which unchecks show owned, and it will let you look at the ones you haven't purchased. Another trendy bug introduced, and another player to find a workaround. I feel like they should be paying us.
  10. Host kicks can be abused as well, and more easily at that. I'd rather not make it to the end of a map and get booted right before the final wave ends. At the end of the day, vote kick is the lesser of 2 evils. Just a risk you have to take in today's world filled with ***bag trolls.
  11. Strange, I've not had any crashes since returning to the game this week. Played quite a bit too.... I did delete the game a couple months ago, so this is a fresh install. Maybe that has something to do with it? Might be worth a shot, it's certainly fixed strange things with this game before.
  12. Unless there was a change I'm unaware of flamethrower doesn't have aggro. You can place it anywhere you want, as long as other towers aren't directly behind it it will not be attacked. This makes the short range manageable.
  13. Yep, necroed, just started playing again so deal with it. :p I picked up a nm1 version of this bow while working on a daily. Passive sounded cool so I decided to check it out. I fell in love instantly. The kicker here is that it deals the same single target dps as my purple 4/4 bow that is over 200 ipwr above it. It's also consistent, whereas the 4/4 relies heavily on charged shot procs to be well chained to pull the same numbers. I also think I'm using the aoe component differently than most. I don't hold the button down. I spread the dot and go back to hitting the front line with single targ
  14. Awesome, all questions anwsered. Thanks. Didn't realize the start menu had been overhauled so much and didn't even try it. Shoulda read more than just the current patch notes I guess. XD
  15. How in the heck do I buy new heroes with defender medals? Do I need a free slot? I was under the impression that they came with one upon purchase.
  16. If I recall correctly, I believe I once heard that the reason why this doesn't work isn't due to Trendy, it's because of something like Playstation regulations. All the codes that are given out for the mailbox are PC specific and not redeemable on the PS4. It's a real shame that Sony have annoying rules like this. Trendy will likely find a workaround soon, the PS4 version of the game is still a fair way behind the PC so when that gap closes then maybe we'll see some sort of parity. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I honestly can't remember where I firs heard this, but I think it came up
  17. Apparently it was never supposed to work in the first place.....which makes me wonder one thing; why in the hell are defender medals tied into mailbox codes that trendy knew we wouldn't be able to use? No medals means no free heroes, which means they lied to us on a couple fronts. It also means I will be uninstalling if something isn't done about within the next week. I've stuck with and defended this company for far to long. This is my final straw.
  18. As far as I can tell only one of the codes expires atm. The date is directly under the code on the he has risen email. Right you are about it not working. I guess they ninja patched it again..
  19. The codes certainly do work. Maybe they aren't supposed to, but they do. The option to enter them was ninja added during the double milestone update. There is no mention of it in the patch notes or no in game promts saying it works, but it does none the less. I was able to redeem the 200 free gems from signing up to the newsletter without a problem. Edit: seems the option was ninja removed with the arrival of the harbinger.... pretty sloppy job imo.... if it's not going to be an option for us then the text needs to be removed from the mailbox. So, are we screwed on defender medals then? Migh
  20. You can enter codes. Open the mailbox and press square to open the virtual keyboard. That said, and the reason I came here today, defender medals can't be received on the ps4 yet. The problem here is at least one of the codes I have in my email expires on april 20th. We clearly won't have the update available by then. Will we get new codes when our update releases? Or are we sol once again? [[4370,users]] [[77554,users]]
  21. Not sure if this is intended, the golden pets from the carnival start out at veteran but have freshly hatched stats. Intended or not it's pretty lame for a premium item.
  22. I'm sorry I'm not going to shake your hand or compliment you on this. THIS is NOT communication. Its a puff piece to calm the masses and misdirect us from the issues. The Dev Bogs as I've stated before have little to nothing to do with PS4. Point out to me in last weeks Dev Blog what PS4 had involved in it? We can't be excited about Abyssal Lord because we don't have Carnival let alone Harbinger. Your PS4 2016 roadmap told us that those 2 features would be shortly after the previous update. Yet what have we had for communication? "We are working on it, no date yet." This would be big m
  23. Youll want trollface on your shield and relic. With either 12 or 13 seconds, forget which exactly, of trollface between both pieces you can have 100% uptime on the buff from provoke. Pair that with a curse pet and you can eat dmg for quite awhile before you have to stop and heal.
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