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  1. Public Service Announcement. If you're going to start a comment war, you can edit what you quote. And by that, I mean you can shorten what you quoted to only contain relevant information, or snip it if its simply too long Welp. My scrolling finger is rested. Back into hiding.
  2. I was lazy with this post, since it was mostly throwing off a rough idea for conversation sake... But let me restate a VERY important part of the original question, that seems to have kinda fallen off. This was referring to late game onslaught only. Outside of late game onslaught, the power dynamic for multiplayer is 100% in the favor of the player if everyone is actually being active. But MP scaling is based on how strong the mobs are, not how strong the player being added is. In onslaught, you can theoretically reach a point where the mobs are so much stronger than the player that the MP scaling adds more threat than that player provides support. Is it worth worrying about? Probably not. Its a niche situation, and one that basically doesn't exist because of other flaws in the AP system and onslaught. But all systems can be improved, even when they're perfectly functional, so it was just an idea for a conversation.
  3. I think one of the biggest issues with DD2 is our extreme limitation on tower combinations. There are 4 things I really think we need to get more diverse tower usage, but ironically only 1 change is related to the towers themselves. More DU. Far too many maps only let you build walls + 1-2 tower types, or no walls and 2-3 tower types. Would also really help with balance the utility defenses. Can give monsters more HP and/or speed to balance out. But mostly I wanna mix more towers... or at the very least be able to put more consideration into how many of something I should build than either 0 or 1. Make lane schedules more diverse on maps. Onslaught does pretty nice with this, but trials and campaign is still pretty much 3+ identical lanes, resulting in identical builds for each lane. Make mobs either WEAKEN a defense type, or RESIST it INDIVIDUALLY. EMPs reducing trap/aura attack rate by 50% for the group? Fine. Mages being immune to magic damage? Alright, a challenge. Geodes making me quite LITERALLY kill myself for attempting to place 50% of the tower pool? Boring and completely removes 3/4 (yes, 1-0.5^2) the tower combinations... Make towers more unique, like OP described. Most towers do the same DPS to all mobs, in all situations. That ultimately makes it come down to who does it slightly more cost effective... And whether they're AOE or not (thanks to No.1, no AOE means can't be used unless niche situations, or has AOE shard). Couple of my Ideas for tower changes: Buff Beam: Give's 10+(Tier*1)% of its DP, 10+(Tier*4)% bonus range, and 20+(Tier*2)% bonus attack rate (rate is not affected by speed cap) to effected towers. Makes it what you go to for speed and range on towers that want it, and an upgrade priority if range is MVP. Boost Aura: Give 10+(Tier*3) of its DP and DCrit stat, and 25+(Tier*5)% damage reduction. Make boost aura the brute force buff. For towers that wanna hit, and GET hit. Upgrade it when you need to tank something, like those nasty Kobolts. Blaze Balloon: Give the trap a direction to aim down. Birdy Balloons of Death and Destruction rise up from the spawner every few seconds and drift in the direction set. When they reach the end of their range, or find an enemy, they drop their present. Would make for a unique trap type, and would give blaze balloon some much needed range coverage for its high cost. Plus I think watching goblins be chased by the little birdy balloons would be an adorable dose of carnage. Frost Tower: Increase its slow to something like 60-90%, but for each enemy it is actively slowing, reduce the slow by around 25% of the last tiers slow (i.e. 80%->60%->45%->etc). Might be kinda difficult to make work... But would basically make frost tower a great tool for clumping up enemies for AOE towers, while leaving things like snaking sands for the AOE slow needs. Sand Vipers: Make it build up its damage slower to a higher amount, but make it keep the power so long as its firing PERIOD, rather than firing at same target. Makes it synergize well with slows and stalling towers (like the suggested above frost tower) and wrap around lanes where it'll almost always have a target to maintain its charge. Arcane Barrier: Super low HP compared to other blockades. Whenever it gets hit, warp the thing that hit it back to the start of the map. Training Dummy: Slightly less HP than other blockades. Every time a monster hits the dummy it fatigues the mob, making the mob take more damage, and attack slower (stacking with each hit). Ballista: Add a knock back effect to the mobs that are hit. Skeletal Archers: Make their target cone a little narrower, but longer. Let each skeleton be Aimed separately when placed, but don't let them overlap cones. Makes them effective on more maps and in more situations, while still relying on having to use both sides for cost effective use. May think of more later...
  4. I'm not opposed to this, but ONLY if zerkers got more atk and/or move speed to compensate. I agree they're 100% the strongest enemies in the game, but I still don't think they're TOO strong.
  5. True, its a little harsher with the single map that you'd deal with the 15 waves, but realistically, you'd of almost certainly failed considerably before wave 15 if you were going to fail. And given the rather ingenious change to the client-server interactions Trendy made, disconnects and crashes are less likely and dangerous in a single map than multiple. Plus, one thing I didn't bother going into detail about (given posts tend to get long lol) is that one 15 wave map would most likely take the average individual a little less time than 2 maps with the current system, given that it would cut out 2 map transition times, as well as 2 build times (which is one of the lengthier things in onslaught with all the individual waves - not that that's a bad thing). Lastly, in the "other thread" I mentioned, it'd also been discussed something like 5/8/12 waves for the 3 tiers, given the rate at which enemies scale, which might be slightly less terrifying than a wave 15 fail for you. And just to be honest for the nay-sayers that don't want the game to be easier, contrary to the save option suggestion, this would in fact make the overall onslaught climb slightly easier by reducing the climbing time rather significantly. Just to be honest.
  6. They aren't getting defensive at the word easy, they're getting defensive at your connotation. Whether intentional or not, your phrasing and tone in what you've said so far has been directing it in a way that a lot people would view as an insult. Almost everyone gets defensive when you insult them. That aside, some people just can't guarantee an uninterrupted play time. One of the people I use to spam old onslaught with ran his own business from home, and had kids to boot. He'd usually play for 20-30min, then AFK for 15+ min to deal with his kids or answer phone calls, etc (which resulted in him getting kicked if he didn't use a macro). He had something like 2k+ hours by the time the abyss lord got released and he quit, but it was always spread out in short intervals. That's just how some people's time work out. Don't think skill plays a factor at all into it. Personally, I feel 3 maps just feels weird anyways... But I'd rather see a 12-15 wave map instead (as has been mentioned in other threads) just for more diverse experiences. But that's just me.
  7. Power transfer ignores almost all other shards like destruction and frosty power. I think Vampiric empowerment is the only thing that can boost power transfer, but I'm not 100% on that. As far as in the in menu stat, like mentioned, its a long known visual bug. It does add 60% of your DP stat as DCrit though, the UI just doesn't show the correct number after its added. Because, for perhaps more questionable reasons, almost all shards scale off those stat numbers rather than the towers actual stats. That makes those numbers quite valuable to know for those shards. Unfortunately... DD2's UIs have been notorious for bugs in the past year or two.
  8. So I know the days of ranting over multiplayer scaling are for the most part done... And I honestly think multiplayer scaling is perfectly fine as is for the vast majority of the game. But seeing the video of BerryJelly's floor 250 onslaught run (gratz btw) had me realize something. Adding 50%+ HP to those absolutely ABSURD HP pools is crazy to even think about lol. That means that playing multiplayer onslaught at that high of floors (not that it happens for a lot of other reasons atm) is not only practically impossible, it might very well border on the LITERALLY impossible haha. So I had a random idea come to me... If I'm not mistaken, enemies have their own sort of "iPWR level" right? You use to show the ranges on maps a long time ago. So what if each player added a % of their own iPWR to the mobs when they joined in? (Ideally removing the damage boosts from levels if possible, cause no return of the multiplicative scalers please). But this would remove a lot of the common complaints about C1 players leaching C7 and making the game harder, since their low iPWR basically wouldn't affect the match, while also dealing with a potential issue with runaway scaling in onslaught. Just an idea.
  9. It doesn't help fix the issue that you mentioned, with introducing new content at appropriate levels.... But as far as maybe avoiding the OP situation, while still giving gear a good way to scale is to do regressive uncapped gear. i.e. Gear continues to go up past C7 in onslaught, but no where near the rate enemies go up. This way you will eventually 100% be out scaled, but still gives us a reason to swap gear every now and again. Not too fond of that idea myself... but its just a thought.
  10. I strongly advocated against the infinitely creeping chaos tiers before, and with the release of Chaos Trials Infinitity (A.K.A. Onslaught), I'm even more strongly against it. This game is designed that chaos 7 isn't much harder than chaos 1. It's just a different enemy that makes up 50% of the spawns. Chaos 8 will be no different. Just another tier to treck through with the exact same process and get bored of again a week after it is released. Only now it'd also mess with onslaught too. Do we leave the minimum floor at 65 with C8? If so, will no one that plays onslaught play C8 ever, since they constantly reset? Or do we make Onslaught even SLOWER and MORE painful. Trendy can't make a new Chaos tier every week, and even if they could, it makes the game look more daunting to new players. Just see it as a bad door to open personally.
  11. This is a common misconception. When we mean "soft-counter", we don't mean the MOB is soft, like a marshmallow you poke with a stick and it falls over. We mean like Lady Orc, who dictates what doesn't affect HER, rather than removing half the defenses use from a whole lane, but is still so strong and terrifying, that we STILL adjust for her. As far as how beginner friendly DD2 is? Not at all really. But not because its "too hard" or "unforgiving" I feel. The information flow is just frankly bad imo. I mean, look at the back and forth some of us have had about whether or not lady orcs are suppose to be immune to slows? And short of digging through the forums and dev VODs about it, there is no where to really look it up. Funniest part though, it's still better than DD1 in that regard lol. But I guess there are a lot of us that are just masochistic geeks that have fun picking apart information from the game to not care too much.
  12. Onslaught use to BE the endless mode... Until Trendy took it out, teasing us survival lovers with a better onslaught, only to give us Chaos Trials Infinity </3... Don't get me wrong, I still think onslaught is an awesome mode (minus the reset mess), but I miss my survival...
  13. Yes. Please. Just PLLLEEEASE. This is a really good point though. I get where the 15 came from, (and it'd still be quicker, since no map setup each time), but maybe instead we do something like 5,8,12 waves? There is also a dynamic of the scaling to consider. I don't know how much monsters scale up through the wave... But the stat bonus from 10+ waves might be too much to handle at the moment lol (although that can be adjusted by Trendy ofc). The random 3 maps per floor just seems weird to me anyways.
  14. Flamethrowers are actually one of the stronger towers in the game until C7. They're just not user friendly at all lol. Kinda a bit too hard to place safely, let alone effectively. Definitely all for seeing the adept be more unique though. Although if I was gonna ask for her to get a tower change, I'd want something swapped for the old lightning tower. That thing was fun, and would be a lot more unique in DD2's tower set imo.
  15. Ehhhhh... Debatable imo. She was one of the best at abusing the storm gloves (RIP that 97% damage reduction the next patch lmao), but she herself long stood as one of the weakest heroes in terms of DPS, although probably the 3rd best in CC after AL and Mystic. And I say that as a person who was absolutely loved her and used her like crazy (until the loot system made her not drop relics...). 100% agree on the intentional over buffing of new characters tho lol. As far as dryad... I really don't think she's even close to OP. It's fissures and weapon manufacturer all over again. It's the lazy way. It's the way that requires the least thought and effort, even though there are better ways People that play a lot usually take the easy and quick builds. Because people see the really high lvled/ranked players using these builds, people assume they're the strongest strategies, and spam them, thus setting the meta... People get tired of seeing a meta, assume its cause they're OP, and ask them to be nerfed to the point people can't use them to be lazy. Happens every single time. Never understand the why. Just been here too long to not notice the how...
  16. Immune to slow != immune to oil. That's probably where the inconsistency is coming from. I don't think I'm imagining it since so many other players seem to remember it being brought up... But zerkers ARE supposed to be immune to slows. But they're fine in controlled burn lanes so long as the oil itself is applied.
  17. Lot of good points made in this thread on the balance, so won't touch that... but one thing I never understood, is why is being able to AFK the game seen as the worst thing in the world? Why should "good" strategies NOT be rewarded with an AFK run? Why do you expect floors 10-50 to be hard, when you have the ability to go to floor 200+ for a real challenge? I get that "good" builds aren't that hard to make, let alone copy, with this games skill floor and ceiling being so close in that regard... But I just don't get the hatred for the tower defense aspect so many have. Simply put, I don't think there is a sane balance point where those horrible, abominable AFK runs don't exist. Either the game is easy enough that the people who understand and grind the game a lot will find a way to at least semi-AFK (following which, people imitate it and it becomes the meta, cause people be naturally sheeple), or the game becomes too hard for the majority of the players, and people just get stuck miserably being unable to progress (i.e. the trap meta era). So can someone help me understand why being able to AFK through a lot of the redundant content that is the ancient power system is so bad? Especially when its a reward for building "properly"?
  18. C6 is probably the easiest chaos tier to pass through after C3 just cause of how OP hex throwers make reflect beam lol, so its definitely the easiest route. But you can definitely beat them without reflect beam. It's a bit harder, because hex throwers become the threat they were intended to be then, but manageable. One of the biggest changes in my builds that let me do some C6 without EV was spacing DPS. Most people instinctively build their DPS near their wall, so things HAVE to stop in range. But Hex thrower out ranges those... Or at the very least, gets to shoot before taking much damage. Best trick is to damage them as much as possible as soon as they leave spawn. One of the builds I used a lot for C6 was flamethrower + squire wall + PDT. 1 or 2 flamethrowers in range of the wall for bosses and whatever else made it. Rest near spawn to burst whatever came out. One PDT facing backwards (for a lot of reasons), and then ofc the wall being a wall. In the end, I kinda feel like its a possible health concern with reflect beams then hex throwers personally. Only time I personally ever got frustrated with them is on super short lanes when I was trying to be stubborn and not use EV. So maybe there I see your point lol.
  19. [[166314,users]] Thanks for looking into this so much for us! Actually used to use this all the time and never noticed it was broke... Curious if anyone remembers... When PDT was updated to no longer stack poison (it was shortly after the Abyss Lord was released), didn't Trendy change the AI to prioritize enemies that haven't been poisoned yet? Or am I remembering wrong? Cause if that is the case, if the explosion damage is working fine, the effectiveness of the shard is almost the same, just as a PSA. I say almost, cause I think the fix to poison going through shields/walls made other minions also body block it now lol.
  20. If this got released, I'd probably instantly swap DD1 back out for DD2, and probably never play any other game mode again lol. Can I add a request for a wave number option? Every map having the same number of waves gets old. Especially when you love testing the limits of your build.
  21. Well then. Guess I'll have to retract my statement lol. Finally met a person Masochistic enough to actually like them. Kinda feel you on the days of the PDT poison stack bug though. Having PDT's deal 6x their intended damage kinda killed the challenge fast lol. Felt just crazy when not that long before that even the best players could barely handle more than the first incursion on NM4 solo. Also gotta agree on loving a challenge. That is the one thing I absolutely loved about the onslaught update. Some of those mutators are just brutal and fun. Still not enough to convince me to put up with the redundant grind of the ancient power system... But props where they're due. The one thing I just can't ever agree with though (not to discredit your own feelings - to each their own) is the idea that cyborcs are a challenge. I don't know... Never felt like they were a threat. Just an annoyance lol. But nice to see at least one non-dev actually enjoys them at least I suppose.
  22. Sorry, thought it was inferrable. Yes. Every stance has a different damage per hit. That's the reason I put it in terms of DPS. Because for a weapon hitting twice as fast to deal the same DPS, it has to deal half the damage per hit. But if they average out (which Trendy tried to do somewhat), you don't gain/lose from different stances, unless a shard is to blame. The rate % I was referring to was basically just a unified way to measure a weapons effective DPS regardless of stats. In a sense, it IS the DPS. Sorry if that overly complicated it. We used it a long time ago to measure which huntress bows were the best, but now most are too close to care about, or hasn't been noticed by someone that knows how to calculate it. Pretty sure K quoted the patch notes. But we know a bit more than you seem to be acknowledging. Knocking back is heavy > medium > light. Yes, all 3 have different swing animations, with the damage being distributed differently inside those animations (most deal more damage on the last hit of the animation than the earlier).No known legendary so far has a unique combo. They all use the light/medium/heavy they spawn with. If a wayfairer weapon behaves differently, it shard related, not weapon related. This was kinda my point. Shards can cause weird interactions. But unlike DD1, DD2 fairly nicely sums up the performance of a weapon your hero stats. Short of outlier cases, or shards, most weapons perform the same with the same stats. TL;DR; You're over thinking it imo. I say this as a person who WAAAAYYYY over thought it, and came to that conclusion.
  23. Pretty sure SpecialK is entirely right to great detail. To maybe explain some of the oddities you're talking about... One of the improvements DD2 made over DD1 was adjusted DPS based on the damage stat AND attack speed, so that most weapons will show DPS differences almost identical to the difference they make in your damage stat. So faster does not necessarily mean more DPS in this game. What generally determines this is the swing/shoot style, and how much of your damage stat they do per second. For example, the huntress burst style bows use to deal 265% of her hero damage stat per second, regardless of speed. MOST of these differences got evened out to not be too significant, but there are some, so you kinda just gotta experiment and learn. In the case of melee weapons, the knock back is also adjusted based on weapon speed. Slow weapons have the greatest knock back - per hit. Whether that offsets the fact you're knocking them back (and thus CC-ing them) counteracts the loss of speed is debatable, but I personally don't know. Then of course there are some shards (that frankly need counterparts for slower weapons) that DRASTICALLY favor fast weapons. But I can't think of any important ones for melee. Whether or not the % modifier is counted for with melee weapons, I can't say... But considering they accounted for shot speed with bows, I'd like to think they would for melee weapons as well. Even if they didn't as K said, it shouldn't amount to much. But of course... if someone gets the right two weapons, it shouldn't be that hard to test.
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