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  1. One does not simply challenge [Impact] they are serious pros with nothing but raw skill and an elite approach to DD2, Lol banter
  2. Lol elitist of DD2 xD hardly haha
  3. Hi One may know the game well but i highly doubt anyone is a 'professional' no matter their experience you are just a normal player with large game hours like the others :) Id merely ask you refrain from trying to create an 'elitist' group or scenario, everyone is equal its a game
  4. I understand this but the game isnt DD1 and its not meant to be so constantly comparing it do everything DD1 was is hardly fair, the game isnt even finished. Its not DD1, its not based upon concepts from DD1 and therefore should be treated as its own game. If DD1 is better surely people should just go play that?
  5. Hey id like to ask a few questions to the original creator of this thread to get a better understanding of your point of view because all I see is harsh negatives and I personally have very few issues with the game. a) What is your hours played on DD2 b) how many of the maps have you completed on NM4 as a solo player c) have you theory crafted and tried builds with different towers and defences in NM4 Thanks :)
  6. As a thank you to everyone that has come to my channel and followed I said I would do a 24 hour stream of Viewer runs if I got to 400 within the month and I've achieved this with your help. So... Here it is! 24 hours of runs for you guys, the queue will be going all day, questions are always welcome and if you are new to the channel welcome, enjoy and follow to get ever closer to that awesome 500! Stream starts at 9:00 am GMT Viewer Runs, Chat Minigames, Questions, Community screenshots and much much more. twitch.tv/Tecktonix See you soon - Teck
  7. Hey everyone my name is Tecktonix shortened to Teck, Im a streamer on twitch mainly focusing on DD2 with the occasional bit of rocket league, i stream everyday between then hours of 8pm and 12pm GMT. I live in the UK so hope you dont mind the accent XD. If you want to come along to an informative but fun stream with a good vibe and plenty of humour you can find my channel at http://www.twitch.tv/tecktonix I mainly do viewer runs of nm4 every day, solo content, build showcases and character gear breakdowns, I've a youtube channel which im currently building up so feel free to check it out and leave feedback. Thanks and hope to see you in the stream!
  8. Definitely in favour of this!! bring on the change! I think it will bring a smoother progression to the more casual player and even to the struggling hardcore players and provides an added bonus of a hybrid builder for your hero deck allowing further testing in solo play and allowing another point of relevance to the character itself. Look forward to seeing this implemented.
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