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  1. Do they exist yet? I'm just curious. I haven't played in forever o:
  2. People lack the basic understanding of how computers work and business... they are ignorant, not morons ... these people will learn after reading this... well most will xD Unfortunately they wont because some of them have been in the "industry for 12 years" so those all mighty beings know everything there is to know and anything that doesn't work the way they want it to is trendy's fault. It really is bitter sweet to work on a video game... everything is your fault when anything becomes a slight annoyance. At least trendy seems to be good sports about it.
  3. Uh ok... I want to buy My going to Tavern Not Crashing I want to buy A report a hacker function right on the player. I want to buy the game not losing connection etc etcYes, because the art department is so hard at work, working on these problems... people... use your brains, please, you were given them for a reason
  4. As a programmer of over 15 years, in over 20 different languages, I would have to ask you to uninstall your browser Bernkastel before your mean to anyone else while being so retarded. The problem, with the current patching methodology, is instead of changing the difference in their files, they are having us download the entire file (or so it seems). Generally most patches will change the differences in a file, in a similar way that Grep on a Linux box can scan two text files and tell you the difference. This is generally easier on the developers, but harder on both the server systems de
  5. If they cost cash, untradeable. One thing you can do is have some of this stuff be rare drops instead of rewards, that was people have more things to hunt for instead of just grinding for mana. ones you find as drops should be able to be traded or sold to others
  6. that's just stupid. there is no reason for the patches to be this large.ITT someone who has no clue what they are talking about and states it shouldn't exist because they don't want it so. (and people pretending they know what they are talking about, when in fact, they don't)
  7. It's a ninja change when they note it LESS THAN AN HOUR on release.Still not a ninja nerf. most companies don't even release the patch notes until the patch is out, so, would that make their entire patch a "NINJA PATCH!"
  8. I think Trendy should hold a contest for the best custom maps to kickstart it and get a bunch of them floating around. They can even have a few different categories, such as TD maps, DM Maps and CTF Maps, a prize for each category. I for one want to see more levels from N64 games made into maps, like bombomb mountain and such :P
  9. Thanks. Not sure why it was moved o: it should at least be a sub forum of this one
  10. I still don't know what the point of different guardians are besides looks. I can use any guardian on any of my characters and I haven'tn noticed a difference if you use the wrong one.
  11. hosting something like an auction house would take more money and resources for them to host it. Having players host their own games to sell things in pretty much costs them nothing to do and gives people a way to sell things. I think this idea is much better anyways, makes it more.. personal ;D
  12. Jeez, seriously? Is this how the company wants you to represent it on the forums? Cmon man... I can understand if the forum mods are getting a little testy with all the DLC-bashing recently, but ya can't lash out at customers like that just for asking when a patch will be released...they are a mod. I don't think they actually work for trendy
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