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  1. Greetings Defenders, As per the title, I'm auctioning the Armguards of Love. I've held onto them for awhile but I don't have much use for them I'm not much of a collector. My trace is from Lolzcoolcat's giveaway. My reserve 250cv. I'm accepting Diamonds (5/10/15), Cubes and certain event items.List of preferred items and my prices: Greater Magicide of Wind (130) Aladdin's Wish (50) Blu (25) Mana Master (90) [Accepting 3 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price] Lava Dancer Mask (40) Rainmaker (200) Queen Georgia (40) [Accepting 2 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price] Howling Werewolf (40) Golden Roost (20) War Bonnet (20) Something Blue (75) Void Hammer (25) Vortex Shield (30) Ball Blaster (60) aMAZEing Vision (20) The Calvary (60) Groovy Mask (15) Sapphire (30) Celebracers (40) [Accepting 7 and accepting untraced for 1/10th of the price] Feel free to offer other event items, but i'm not too keen on collectables. Auction ending 15/7/18. Good Luck :)
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1311408772 When you can't draw... Improvise. Adapt. Overcome I don't know if this is allowed but eh, was fun to make :D gl everyone~
  3. Checking for a friend :) https://imgur.com/gallery/8rycW
  4. Personally I would like to see 4 small coal = Random colour re-roll 4 large coal = Selective colour re-roll I like your idea because it gives small coal some type of value (arguably more value than large coal depending on the accessories), making the late game matching sets seem a lot more impressive and a way of avenue for lower players to get mana via trading.
  5. I don't think I can ever use that countress skin ever again...some things were never meant to be seen. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1292085713 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1292085760 My Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066074422/ Thanks to Mira, Zaku and Drew for running with me :) GL Everyone~
  6. As someone who mained a DPS countress a few years ago and still plays dress up with her every now and then, here are my opinions. Call to Arms works great until Nightmare, it does a great job at keeping newbies with no resistances alive arguably better than the monk boost but in a decked out team of pros its relatively useless. I had ~6k in my CTA and I was outboosted in dps by a sub 2k monk's hero boost and while at the time i hated it, its logical because AB1 should not scale better than AB2. While I like your idea for making all the bonuses affect allies here are a few more suggestions for CTA: 1) Make CTA affect buildings, similar to the squire guardian. Seeing as no one runs the squire guardian this change seems pretty nice. Obviously it shouldn't stack but keeping buildings alive while your jesters upgrade and repair seems like a fun dynamic. Granted the resist should not be anywhere as close to what it does to heroes. 2) Make CTA's damage boost work with monk, but not with cats This is more to do with pet variety more than anything but at the moment being a cat is infinitely more valuable than being a countess in the current meta. If this change was to happen and somehow you see a countess in every game, it would NOT replace cats as CTA has a massive mana cost and while the cat (hopefully) wouldn't boost as strong as the countress, it allows you to always be buffing allies damage, and overwriting it for a stronger boost when you need it. 3) CTA allows you to give your allies 100% resists (not insta-kills) Making allies invulnerable may sounds stupid, and i'm pretty sure it is too but just for the sake of it keep in mind these questions: Have you ever seen a barb use lightning stance outside of the tavern? When was the last time you saw a builder during battle phase outside of being slow? Your lagging teammate is now standing in front of 8 hungry ogres, how can you protect her? This might just be my love for the countess but If CTA at a REALLY high stat level (4k for people with 90% resist) gave you 100% then it allows people to go all out damage and makes glass cannons into solid stone. Having people build during the fight without being worried of getting insta killed by a kobold or cleaved by an ogre (even though it would interrupt repair and self heal) allows for quicker builds with more people. Joust The only problem with Joust is that it stops when you can't kill whats in front of you, and you can launch yourself across the map pretty easily with CTA + Joust by accident. Again this works for Insane, since you can generally kill an ogre before your joust randomly turns off, but in NM against 80 mil ogres this isn't viable at all apart from making it incredibly broken to kill everything. Either hooking onto enemies you hit, so that you don't fall off them / get your joust cancelled or have it "bounce" off tanky targets, launching yourself back into a better position rather than under an ogre's foot would fix this issue.
  7. What do you guys feel should be the accessory hierarchy? Because I honestly have no idea why items found from defeating the lore wise "final boss" in the game are weaker than what goblin cupids/turkey gives you. Tier 1: Embermount Accessories Tier 2: Santa Accessories Tier 3: Temple O Love / CD Accessories Tier 4: Annatar / Turkey / Lab Accessories I know that because certain content was released earlier, accessories were made to balance around what was in the game at the time, but I don't see a reason not to buff it now to make progression more visually pleasing and have people's builders have varying different outfits rather than just 8 ember sets for all their characters once they can farm phoenix.
  8. I agree that LTs are very powerful but I think nerfing a 7 DU tower's damage or range is not the answer. I'm against a nerf since it requires 2 stats pretty high and moderate in a third to be overpowered but I would like to see it become more like an inverse of the cannonball tower: effective against levels where enemies are all around you but NOT AS EFECTIVE against enemies who are confined in smaller spaces. For a "Rebalance" I would love to see the damage reduced per jump as suggested before, but an increase in the amount of enemies targeted to spread out the damage rather than just removing it. Something like this: Target 1: 100% damage Target 2 & 3: 75% damage Target 4, 5, 6, 7: 50% damage, etc but on a much larger scale. 1 / \ 2 3 / \ / \ 4 5 6 7 Basically making it more of a "Chain Lightning" rather than a thunderbolt tower. As an ogre aggro tool I think it'll still work but i'm not too sure on how the specifics of that mechanic work.
  9. I thought the only reason people didn't use donkeys was because the weaken affect didn't affect bosses, hence losing value to the cat. I'm a bit sceptical recommending a change that i don't know the mechanics of, but if the donkey works on bosses that would mean it would stack with an initiate's strength drain (I don't know if this works against bosses either) which would be super scary. Monk w/ Cat paired with Initiate w/ Donkey would be absolutely insane. Added Note: IMO the reason monkey and polly are not used much is because most DPS classes wanted to be within the chicken's optimal attack range which thanks to the projectiles and melee attack severely outmatch them. Monkeys are great for huntress/rangers because they like to be far enough away from their attacks and the offbeat heal helps them a lot whereas pollys i'm not too sure if rangers would want to forgo the bonus heal for guaranteed pierce.
  10.  Currently in DD2, Towers that have don't have abusive range gain no strategic advantage for being higher than being on a levelled position. Should projectile towers have increased range when targeting something downhill? Similar to this While it may not matter much to late game players who's frostys have the same range as the auras in DD1, for everyone else it rewards creative placement with longer range. What do you think?
  11. Can you provide some more details? Like if you are using the same steam profile, or it might be IP based. and while specs might not matter so much just the type of computer (laptop desktop) and if they are the same model.
  12. I would say that the grind in dd1 is completely different because of the abundance of stats on gear. As long as you could find 3/4 of the hero/tower/ability2 stats positive and one of them was DP, you could build the majority of the levels with trans gear provided you can find a set. In DD2, you are rolling both for ipwr (either mythic or legendary), the correct 2 stats and passives which seems a lot more daunting. However the daily bonus makes legendaries drop like rain if you farm efficiently. The original idea of this thread was to add variety and efficiency to farming since when you reach late game people just spam gates and forget how to build levels and more often than not ignore the daily bonus. By making every map drop a different passive, it allows for players to grind a little bit faster for the class archtype they wanted rather than gambling for 1000s of hours without removing that option for the dedicated.
  13. I agree that spheres would just be an easier way to deal with class types, but with the current system it seems that it would just turn into a gold grind. Removing all passives might be a little strong though, maybe if they made it only 1 passive per gear, but if it was the generic passives like construction? And what do you think about the old weapon passives like purge being turned into ubers and the new weapons having utility passives like shellshock or idle flow?
  14. This is true, but it really shouldn't be. Frosty + Traps + Serenity is way too strong because of the format of the waves being that there are always small dudes. This means its not necessarily about how hard you hit, but about how fast and how many. Also the grounded enemies lane perk is really bad for things like the earthshatter mage. Combined with the fact that boost auras are worse than frostys in terms of dps and the huntress doubles as both a magical damage and phys damage builder, its more about being efficient with the constraints rather than everything can work and choose your own path. A redesign on the incursions would be pretty cool as well, like one is swarm based another being only armoured phys resist enemies but purge evil is far too strong to implement any of these.
  15. Wouldn't that require another wipe? I agree with improvements for progression but the passives are a important factor of that. As DD2 is MMO-esque game, the passives allow your hero to specialise rather than being a jack of all trades (i.e. the target dummy squire or the balloon huntress). The passives also create a sense of player uniqueness for late game players. Provided that all the passives are balanced in terms of average dps or utility for DU (Still waiting on those advanced descriptions and formulas) it allows for early game to be chaotic but simple while late game is precise but required to be complex. Also specialising should only be mid-late game (Lvl 50ish) so it allows beginner players to build casually and not get roflstomped until they reach the NM tiers. When players are starting, ipwr allows them to understand if they have the required stats to attempt a level; and when they get to levels that have a higher ipwr than is what can be achieved specialisations allow for them to equalise the disadvantage.
  16. Sup I had an idea recently and wanted to run it past the community to see if its actually good or not. Basically in order to stop people from grinding the same map and praying to eventually get that perfect alignment of high ipwr and perfect passives, the devs add a patch for incursions that means every map is associated with a different build arch-type. For example for Gates of Dragonfall; Monks would find gear with one guaranteed LSA passive, Huntress finds a trap passive, Squires would find a cannonball passive and finally the apprentice would find a flamer passive. Now you may be wondering why not just have all 4 of the meta passives in the first map? And that's because it gives players a reason to play different maps and at the same time allow them to grind for what they want more effectively. Also if they can't do a certain incursion, the option to play normal endgame is still available to gamble for the passives they want.
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