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  1. I've missed way too many of them, not gonna miss this one! \o/
  2. Hey there, thanks for the giveaway! Arm Guard of Fire Arm Guard of LightningCelebration(I need those cubes!) Profile
  3. We need to submit more runs to this site. Makes it more official. Current records can be beaten without even trying. Speedrun.com
  4. It's right there mate, it's a codepen. In the right corner hit change view. Editor view. then the third column (js/jquery) is the source code.
  5. Yeah I thought that was obvious. The staffs from moraggo are elemental the rest generic.
  6. Here you can see the damage per upgrade of all populair weapons.
  7. Hello everyone, I have made a weapon damage calculator. http://codepen.io/kobuxz/full/mORXyz/ It is right now on codepen but I will be making a GitHub Pages site with all calculators I can think of. Sincerely: Kobuxz
  8. Atleast it does something, this way you will get rid of most cheaters. (not actual hackers)
  9. There would be way more precise methods to check for hacked gear and it wouldn't be that much of a big deal to add this. Sadly, the CDT has no access to the DB. Secondly a few people think it will not work because the game is client side although ranked data are stored server side hence a DB injection would work very well unless sloppy done [which would create a heavy DB load] I think what KBX meant is simply changing the in-game formulas that scale different things like tower range, tower attack, etc. to cap at 11590. This could be done in a patch (perhaps?) so that even if you play offline, locally, and you have 100,000 tower attack on a character somehow, the game engine will give you a tower with effective tower attack of 11590. This would eliminate some of the more egregious hacks out there, and should be done in the engine, without having to check individual items or querying the database. If this is easy/possible I would think this is a good idea. Yes, that is what I mean. Easy example, hero speed is capped at 100. Even when hackers have 999999 speed the game still thinks it's 100. Just like resistance. It's impossible to get 100% resistance.
  10. I don't know if this works but on paper it would. Simply hard cap the maximum stats. Just calculate the max possible stats. Which is: Accesoires: 3 x 999 = 2,997 ( 3,996 - Squire's shield ) Weapon: 999 ( 1,998 - Jester & ev 2 weapons ) Armor: 4 x 1,399 = 5,596 ( Ult++ armor with bonus 40% ) Pet: 999 ( 1,998 Summoner wears two pets ) Jester, Series EV, squire, summoner = 11,590 ( max stats) So If you hard cap the stats cheaters will still have a hard time when they have no knowledge. And you get rid of the big aura stack cheaters and way to fast Apprintice towers and harpoons. Now obviously I don't know how the game's code works but in theory this would work.
  11. Alright, have fun with your roger's revenge, don't have anymore currency :P
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