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  1. fixed the problem by unpluging my roccat tyon and useing some cheep crap mouse but this problem has been going on for 3 to 4 year now and i just startede to play the game again and after 30mins of play time the bug startede and i refuses to change mouse every time i want to play the game just because the devs cant stop makeing new content to the game and fix a simpel ***ing bug i simply cant see how it can take over 3 to 4 ***ing years to fix a bug and sorry for swearing but it's not good enough support from the devs side
  2. i hav the same mouse so i can try that thx for info
  3. hey when i start the game it runs fine but after some time the game starts to lag more and more and it is not only the game that lags out its my hole pc the only temporarily fix i can do is to restart the game but the bug only happens on my main gaming pc and not on my 15 year old pc main pc speck: gpu: gtx 980 cpu: amd 8core 3.6 ghz ram: 12gb ddr3 1600hz Internet: 526mb down and 486mb up (on a bad day) normal 800mb up and down old pc speck: ram: 8gb ddr2 cpu: ??? 2.1 ghz 3 cores gpu: gtx 660 <-- only new thing on the pc and totally over kill internet: 30mb up and down ps i started t
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