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  1. Would be nice to get an official message about this.
  2. Thats interesting. I like that as well and could be a boss only currency so like you said boss died but no good loot you could use the currency for him to drop again for a second chance.
  3. All i can say from this is that I'm excited to see what they might have into the game to help with better chance for good gear. Who knows they might just make it where you wont get supper crappy high level gear when you do a high reward level. That would ultimately fix the problem of gear not being good for the high price of time it took to complete. Thanks everyone for your input hope it helps Trendy.
  4. I can see what your saying. But the grind is part of the game. You grind for gear and you grind for money to get items upgraded. Just thought if they add the exp boost that they should add something to make it where your chances to find better gear in a play through is just that much better of a chance. Its like ill play on hard but if i paid for the boost i could get a chance for gear to drop that would normally drop on nightmare.
  5. Was wondering on a way to get better loot to drop and to help give the currency an added use. How it would work. You would pay like you did on DD1 to get some extra exp but have it give you increase item drop for that game. If items only drop when the difficulty increases like in DD1 then it would be even harder if you paid. That could mean more health and damage. New enemy's would spawn. Boss at end of each wave. You get what I'm trying to say. This was just a quick idea of a way for loot to drop better items at all parts of the game.
  6. 1.Cloud 2.3agle 3.LaurawantsaCow 4.World of Dungeons 5.Rainbow Unicorn 6.ghostoffire 11.eagle
  7. 1 range combat was in a lot of ways the only way to get past levels for me until I found or trade for good armor. my towers had to take damage and I had to DPS with range so I could kill and heal. Now on keyboard range had different pros then controller. Keyboard you could zoon In and out, and pick who you wanted to attack. For controller was about the same but u couldn't pick it was a who was closer and no first person view. Class weapons all had there own pros. Monk got a lot of spread and damage up close. Hunt got spread base on weapon type but furthest range damage. Apprentice
  8. 1. Wolfpack! 2. And u thought wolves were bad! 3. Don't think you can run or hide....
  9. just want to say I appreciate the hard work Trendy put into the game. It one of my top pics of favorite games.
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