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  1. It would fantastic if: 1. Identical Un-upgraded shards stacked to better manage them ( I don't know how many panic fire shards I have but it is a lot) 2. Sorting shards by recently acquired 3. Re-rolling unwanted shards at a shop keeper for a random shard of equal quality. Maybe at a 3-1 or 5-1 ratio? (Give me something to do with the shards that I worked for even if I don't like them, gives them potential to be LEGENDARY) 4. Re-rolling Legendary items at a shop keeper (enchanter, whatever have you) 5. More effective collision boxes on barricades, I for one am quite sick of the stray goblin
  2. It would be great to see a more advanced sorting and search system. Further on this point, neutralizing multiple shards of the same effect in equipping shards to items.
  3. If anyone has played diablo than they are probably envious of the many ways to progress and gain items and effects of valuable items. Id like to see a system in which I can break up 3- shards to gain a random shard of the same value or higher. It would add an addition use to many such items and give extra credit to farm items.
  4. This is a somewhat obvious one but it certainly needs more attention. Who wouldn't want a more effective item sorting system. hell they could make it easier on themselves and make one mega box and make a simple item sorting system instead or a sell items under a certain value, or sell items of this variety.
  5. I'm afraid I have to agree on this, Unless orc defenses are made to be 30 du it makes no sense to use them. Javelons pierce them unlike magic blockades, the aim is not to have things beating on your blockades and they dont carry a cc effect.
  6. For example if someone finds themselves in a corner as how to progress I think it would be beneficial if you had progression rewards for ascension levels such as if you reach level 50 ascension you should get a "deadly strike" shard. It would give players goals beyond hoping they don't get owned by wave 1 of the next chaos level.
  7. Having played a lot of the recent update I cant help but feel like gold plays an even more important role now than ever and that the "Hero kills have 30% to drop extra gold" would be a fantastic effect to bring back to the game. I think that if added it would be required that it is added to standard shard drops as I can image at the present stage new players coming to the game would have an incredibly hard time collecting enough gold/ dragon coins to purchase updates, progress and gain new heros. Also with the sheer lack of variety in present high level builds it would be nice to have some int
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