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  1. Well known bug. It's to do with the limit of crystals that can be out at once. So opening a chest removes all the existing ones, therefore you need to grab them first. Haha thanks for confirming it for me~! :) I don't mind, but it's nice to know why and to know I wasn't completely crazy. :P I assume it's again something they're looking into maybe increasing the allowed mana on the ground or something of that sort?
  2. try unequipping your pet, and re-equipping it. It usually fixes that issue rather than restarting.
  3. I know this sounds like a silly question, and mana in general could vary wave to wave and map/game to map/game. But something I've noticed is that at least while soloing, if I accept the chest mana, most mana on the ground seems to vanish. But this isn't to my knowledge that I'm actually getting all of the mana myself. I've done a map multiple times and I noticed that if I accept the chest, over times I gather all the mana from a wave and then open a chest, I typically come up with a fair bit more mana than if I had opened the chest. Wanted to see if other people experience this, or if this
  4. Thanks for the heads up regarding the console command. I wasn't sure what any of them were, so I never tried. But this will definitely help till this issue is resolved. I take it not everyone is experiencing it, as all my friends have said they are able to type normally. :(
  5. Alright, so I've gone through just about everything aside from reinstalling the game in an effort since the most recent patch (october 12th, 2015) to figure out why I am unable to type anything. Strangely enough, just to humor myself, I tried opening the console, typing something random, and pressing enter. It worked. I've checked my keyboard's driver bindings, I've checked my peripheral settings, I've checked the in-game control settings (still set to 'enter' to open chat). I did a 'verify file integrity' within steam. But nothing seems to resolve why I can't open a chat input box so i ma
  6. Thanks for the info, and you were right, it did seem to just be a visual glitch. :)
  7. I've had this happen multiple times with different pets, and it's frustrating since pet rerolls just aren't cheap to begin with. But I've reported this a few times through the in-game report method (tavernkeep), and here it is yet happening again. So I go in to select a stat on my pet to reroll. go through the actions to do so, select one of the two options, and lo and behold, the stat is the same stat I had before, my reroll item and 5k gold is now gone with nothing changed. *sigh* anyone else experience this?
  8. Being female myself, I'm not offended by it, but I do appreciate the steampunk outfit they added recently. :) fully clothed and it looks nice, and battle-ready~ :D I don't really mind or care when they have skimpy outfits for female characters so long as there are alternatives for people who don't want it in their face. :) And I think they've done that just fine.
  9. I fully support this suggestion, on behalf of my own love for the bard class in all forms they are available in, they have it, I've played it. xD Yes, we must have our bards! I can definitely see them being a buffer/debuffer much like they typically are in other games they are integrated into. could work well in combination with almost anyone. :) Plus, who can turn down a bard? :D they're wonderful. :)
  10. Yeah, it really sucks when people decide they feel like hacking and throwing their hacked goods out into the public. :/ if you're going to hack, keep it to yourself. ._. However, I think a dev posted somewhere that things are server-side now, which at least heavily reduces the chances that hacked gear would be a possibility like it was on DD1. and regarding beggars in guilds, I am very certain anyone who makes a guild/clan would make some concrete rules regarding that. No one likes beggars. I don't think having a bartering system ruins the game, if anything it promotes the social aspect
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn't entire sure if it was being enforced yet, and if they're actually keeping track in regards to when they do implement it. I enjoy playing with others, and typically happy to help others, but sometimes it bothers me that people expect to be carried through the game. :/ Why bother playing then? ._.
  12. Alright, so i've come back after a rather lengthly stay away from the game.. (since about december of last year or so) due to reasons beyond my control. (wasn't the game's fault *laughs*) I come back to this "social rating" system, along with the end-of-match rating system where you can up/down vote players in your group after a run, and indicate who you felt did the most (which I think shouldn't be done through players, think the game should indicate MVPs). On the note of the social rating system, I don't know too much about it outside of what I've read around so far through searches. Bu
  13. Get a dps summoner, problem solved. Not only will it help with the armor farming, it will also help with fast upgrading, easy repair and still offer some hero dps while at it. The only issue is lack of hero health but w/e, you can phase shift at any time and heal. I've never understood the concept of dps summoner considering they well.... can't attack. :P I assume you mean by using two dps pets? x3 yeah that might be feasible if I could even get a decent seahorse... Aquanos isn't very kind to me, or anyone else for that matter.
  14. heh yes yes :P we should farm pet rocks today so our summoners can be awesome. :P
  15. yeah! that looks about the same position the missiles were coming from, and it wasn't just one of them either. :/ it was so frustrating. >.> maybe that's a common trouble spot?
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