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  1. A squire rapier with 40k base dmg, fullly upgraded 254/254 Hacked or not? Unless it had a base of 20k, it's legit. So no, that's bull**** :) To my knowledge, only the core drop dragon cannon, and special rewards like van wolf, sicarius, etc. have additional projectiles. Anything else is impossible. Yup. Dragon cannon, sicarius, van wolf, mage staffs and monk staffs are the only things that come with +projectiles (count, not speed) Tri bow has a fixed 3 (invisible stat) Shuriken cannon has a fixed 2 (invisible stat) Anything with +projectiles that shouldn't have them = hac
  2. rofl jumping, good one. X <- Enemy ------------------------------- <- Enemy path Z <- You. Keep laughing.
  3. All of them, even the ones that don't do damage (gas trap, app wall, darkness trap, etc)
  4. 19m gets you about 50+ upgrades on a weapon. Right now, weapons go as high as 200+ Math does itself.
  5. The mace? Yeah it's pretty good. Or are you talking about the exploit itself? Either way, I'm fairly certain my game just patched! I'm glad I farmed as much as I did :P The mace. Saying "oh hey grats on that exploit" sincerely, would cause me to murder myself as i still have standards.
  6. Train an elf to get it for you. Not a dark elf though. He'll probably just bite your ankles.
  7. Why so serious? Because things are bad the way they are now, and the more people catch on to that wisdom, the better. Aside from that, nice find :)
  8. A treadmill with arms and legs riding a giraffe? Hell yeah. Then it would be a transformer riding a giraffe, which isn't heresy, but just awesome. Treadmills don't have limbs. They do, however have a mill on which you tread.
  9. I want a treadmill on a giraffe. No, that's heresy.
  10. Found this on the holiday map: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/651000377825573655/AA2ED97EBBFE8D3033C1A1F19E9A91887FFBBC23/ Any ideas if he's more than just an easter egg? Maybe this is what happens when the giraffe gets too old. It's all magic and such :)
  11. You don't want anyone to exploit this game? Fixed that, and yes. Assuming no would render you an idiot.
  12. For the lazy (jump to the 15ish mark) Thanks, didn't work for me when i made it :) Will put this up in the 1st post.
  13. The point is they shouldn't be targeting just one group of people. Sure it should be difficult but it shouldn't only be possible with hardcore players. Do keep in mind that people who do nightmare now are basically beta testing nightmare. It's not available to everyone yet, just those who pre-ordered, and correct me if i'm wrong, but that means nightmare comes AFTER the lost eternia crystals expansion, hinting at more progression in the missing 3 parts, prepping you enough for nightmare as it is right now to attempt it then. Fairly sure it will get tweaked and tuned and so on before the
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