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  1. Wonder if its the hosting platform. Not sure what they use in the US - guessing AWS.
  2. Oh gosh, that is horrible to hear that that is happening.
  3. Quite small, guessing it is the fix for gear dropping with no stats in prime? Perhaps a fix to new weapon drops?
  4. Thank you for the feedback folks! I'll try all of these ideas and see which one meets my play style. Appreciate your time.
  5. Thank you, Little! I'll give that a try. :-)
  6. Hey there! It seems a lot of people are using walls to trigger petrify with another tower performing poison. I am at work and can't try this at the moment; curious though to folks experiences with FA running poison and wall running earth (torpedo) shard. Thoughts? The good, the bad, the ugly? Thanks! Kam
  7. Thanks, Playerett. Understandably it's not hard to do the reset - however, was hoping that they made it easier [/faster] when playing solo.
  8. Thanks, Paloverde! I was around for the latter but not the material conversion. Sounds like things are very much the same. Appreciate both your help. :-) Hope to see you in game!
  9. Thanks, Jaws :-) It's good to see the long timers are still around.
  10. How is doing resets now with the ability to trade materials? Does this improve the time frame? Are the costs still unbalanced? Is the old school have "a friend" boost you through resets still the best way? Thanks :-) Kam
  11. Usually they have their announcement notes and then detailed patch notes. Patch notes often being released after the new announcement. Curious if there were balance adjustments to towers or heroes and the news announcement is fairly basic.
  12. This is true, I have a second account fully capable of this; however, it's greatly unbalanced in terms of materials and redoing the grind from C1 to C7 repeatedly is unnecessary to both restart in such or way or be necessary to have a second account - granted this is simply more money for a F2P game. Who is Trendy to complain about game design. ;-)
  13. Melee can have a better effects if you have an extra melee mod lying around. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Bastille categorize as Orc type enemy, but as melee type. Correction, my LSA is melee and antiboss. :-) I double-checked and thought it was still orc. I don't think bastille is an orc, as you say. I was mistaking the berserker lady orcs as they are considered orcs.
  14. I have an LSA setup as a boss kill (2 mods of +orc dmg and +antiboss). She for me is killed quickly due to those.
  15. Well first off - congrats, and go buy a lottery ticket. Some of us have seen zero of them to date....sad... Still, i don't always want Tenacity on everything. I like it being a shard much more than a MOD. I dislike how MODs are not easily moved around. This game requires a lot of flexibility, especially in Onslaught, and i am not a fan of a def being locked into a single use/situation when possible. I tend to move all of my HS's around a lot. If it wasn't for my least fave enemy (Cyborks), Tenacity would not really be needed, apart from this recent Dragon freeze mechanic on only one stage. B
  16. Except when you have three 10/10 tenacity mods. -.-
  17. There wasn't much motivation b4, after the initial 2, initially. However from what I noticed in past month or so, for some reasons (maybe the double buff bug), Dest Pylon came to public attention, and has become pretty widely used in many builds. Many I know, who nv wanted to do Mastery, took a week to dedicate just to get to Dest Pylon and stopped. I've not seen from experience on this one, but I think there's a big motivation to go for automation, since lawlta confirmed its 100% tenacity characteristic and denied short-future change. I'd not be surprised to see similar thing happen as for
  18. I wonder how many people within the community have done Mastery beyond the initial two hyper shards? It seems like Mastery has a complete drop-off after the second shard.
  19. Possibly under title or collections?
  20. These threads are always interesting. How the system [currently] works is fairly easy and straight forward. How to make the most of your first reset you are surrounded with people who can help and will support you. And then the circle comes around in full and folks realize, "Why have I reset so many times to keep grinding my way back up from Chaos 1, through 7, through the floor I need to reset? And why are there such steep requirements on materials?" Ah the youth of AP that as they grow they figure out, "WTF?!" :-)
  21. This randomly happens to me (less than a handful of times so far) but when it has I switch to another character, switch back, and he ignites properly.
  22. My two cents to add to the above. Wait until they fix / modify AP to not be so darned material consuming. It becomes a wasted effort.
  23. Hoping the upcoming info to be announced is about AP resets #askednoneofthecommunityever
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