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  1. I think you created an embarrassing quietness ZeiDiez.
  2. Thanks for replying Justin! It's mostly the lack of feedback/information that has been so efffin' frustrating. Especially over the PS3 not being updated or a release estimate or anything on SCEE.
  3. It probably won't happen simply because it would require Trendy only ever releasing patches at the same time on all platforms. Given the apparent length of the approval process, that means that even the PC version of the game would be reduced to one update every couple months, and no hotfix patches if things go wrong. At best I can see xbox/PS3 cross-platform, but I don't see Microsoft or Sony letting that happen either. Actually, the only thing we can say for sure is that it won't include Xbox 360, since MS refuses to let anything in/out of their Live network.
  4. Nine months ago, Trendy showed off cross-platform play for Dungeon Defenders, now...how's that working? How do I play against my PC friends using my PS3, and how does that work since the PS3 version has had no love and thus lacks all the extras, fixes, DLCs and balancing?
  5. If they can store the profile online instead, fine - but that's much more complicated to pull off. Anyhow, any way it can be solved would be appreciated.
  6. I play a lot online with one of my friends, but we also get together and play couch co-op a lot, so it's sad to see that there is no support for loading another profile's characters as the second player. It makes no sense at all that he should have to have a separate character on my system, use my storage space and most of all, not being able to bring his own character (via USB or PSN cloud storage).
  7. Well the PC version on Steam has just been patched with a lot of updates and if I understood the patch notes, with some DLC as well. I wonder when we get it. ...or if. Or just you know, any notice. They haven't even updated the announcement section.
  8. Side note, but my trophies all post to Facebook -except the Dungeon Defenders ones.
  9. How about we try and create a baseline? Those of you that have the oomph, try and play Foundries and Forge on Medium difficulty and see when/if it crashes, and at what level? I'm doing a run right now where I pause and let the ticker catch up completely between each level to see if that makes any difference.
  10. I just managed to make it to wave 19 before it hung again. Maybe SCEE did right in not letting this one through yet.
  11. I have tried to make it to level 20 on Foundries and Forge several times, on three different accounts and two different PS3s, but every time the game freezes up during wave 18. The music continues playing but the video and the PS3 in general is completely unresponsive. My paranoid brain has even started to wonder if the horribly backed up queue of "Defeated defeated defeated" might cause a pointer overflow at some point, so I've waited enough between rounds for it to catch up but...no dice. Has anyone else experienced this or perhaps have any suggestions as to what to try at this point?
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