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  1. i have farmed nm4 a few times but need more experience / gear. All of my characters are 50 but i cant solo past nm 1 or 2. PSN Ab0minati0n55
  2. I am guessing that Trendy probably cant get the information or is not being allowed to pass what information he has along to us. Someone should help him get the information to us
  3. Would really like to have had a monthly quest - any information on when it is coming back is better than just being left to hang.
  4. Is there a certain pet or pet with ability that I should be trying to get? Is there one that everyone should level up? I got one with curse. I have not had a chance to test it out yet. Also looking for people to run NM levels with. Ab0minati0n55 - psn Cheers!
  5. hey guys i play evenings on est time. looking for people to group with have a 50 squire and 50 huntress - not as uber as some of you folks though Cheers~ Ab0minati0n55 psn
  6. i just started leveling my pets up and I watched some videos of people using pets playing on PC. It looked like they were activating their pet abilities. Are pet abilities on PS4 automatic or do they require a button mash? I have not seen my pet cast anything new after leveling them up enough for the first evolve. Thanks in advance
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