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  1. I have all 4 character at 70, with 20 upgrades equips from a past patch, aka crap equips. I've tested a app/monk build in hard, and i made it, ill try it on insane later. Thanks for the help!
  2. Ok! Can you link a guide to do it solo with poor equips? I never soloed insane glit, not even hard.. =(
  3. Im back in playing, but im still lvl 70 and finding super hard to reach 74, im still 71. Is there a good map to gain a lot of exp?? Can someone give me some tip? Thanks!
  4. One more! http://megapotion.com.br/dungeon-defenders-dia-11/
  5. This just tell me if i completed in easy/medium/hard/insane, right? Not if i already did an award.
  6. Example: Perfectionist Earned the Flawless Victory Award on every Missions on >= Medium Difficulty How can i see what maps im missing to complete this one?
  7. Is there any way to see what maps are missing for me to complete with all four heroes?
  8. Im in, add me on Steam, im sending u a PM right now.
  9. Pipizinho, i sent u a private message, can u see it? Thanks!
  10. Someone can PM me with a little help with tower/auras on the alch lab? :(
  11. Nice thread! But i really dont know how can u farm to get this waves.. Im doing something wrong, for sure, can u tell me what u do to get on high waves on Alch Lab at least?
  12. Anyone missed the map options to choose between survival and PS? Mine is missing Oo Edit: Ok, its good now, i had to restart the game..
  13. daily post http://megapotion.com.br/pc-mac/dungeon-defenders-dia-7/
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