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  1. first off i want to buy thee huntress wep from spider boss insane and app wep high lvls and also the bowner bow cant remeber the name but its a skeleton lookin bow for huntress willng to pay alot for these 3 all need highupgrades thank you gt is MH Panikk
  2. im just trying to see if were going to get it for xbox version
  3. i want the best one you have of the crystal tracker and im looking for full tower spec armour if you have im very intersted gt is MH Panikk
  4. i can get one for you i farm glitterhelm how much you offering for 1 ?
  5. ya i looking more for iteams then mana like the full set all 4 tower specs and like all pieces 20 or more upgrades and stuff
  6. 1/38 hero stats +17 health +17 speed +14 damage +23 casting rate tower stats +23 health + 18 casting rate +26 damage +21 area of effect/ its a very good item im looking for offers but i do want full set all 4 tower specs and with about 20 upgrades on all and what you can offer my gt is MH Panikk
  7. gt is MH Panikk must have all 4 tower stats on them thank you and high upgrades
  8. damage 1604, 27 electric, 6shots per sec, 33 clip, 12 hero health, 3 hero damage, 6 hero casting rate, 4 invisibility, 5 piercing shot, 11 tower health, 6 tower attck rate, 5 tower damage, 2 reload, 726 projectile speed 27/27 gt is MH Panikk
  9. i have 2 app animus both with 33 upgrades and monk animus with 32 upgrades and like 5 blasticus with like all between 20upgrades and 26 gt is MH Panikk message me and we can work out something
  10. can you try to get me full tower gear i know every1 ask for it but like it doesnt have to be prestine just like godlyy enchanted plate wwould do fine plz???? lol
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