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  1. Hello folks, i am atm stuck in c5 progress, so i need some help to get though the c5 wall, with some c5 or c6 grind :) Can't do it solo, so i need a builder who can help me ;) (EU serveres)
  2. I struggle atm in c5, need the cap in c5 to end the c5 struggle :D
  3. And Btw is it only the 13 challanges? or is there some pvp maps ect?
  4. On the internet, the guides say (you need to do No Towers Allowed to Monster Fest on NM) Now its done? But no reward? :s
  5. okay thanks alot for the infos i try again ^^
  6. i maded 3 combo aura at both crystals is that the wrong way then?
  7. Hello is Sky O love NM Challange soleable? Cuz when i tryed, i could hold the crystals but i got no minions get in love or what it is they do :b If it is soloable please tell me how? :i
  8. Thanks alot for the info. and in my thread i said the best gear :)
  9. i can't find it, only build and guides to maps..
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