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  1. i have to agree with one thing: it is realy hard to leave the ship. i have played the boss on medium only, the damage was no problem for my EV, but thats not surprise. The jump onto the ship is also not the problem. but to leave it...woah. i died 5 times while i was jumping from it, because the platform shoots me only to the edge of the map...
  2. No one is trying to insult you or offend in any way. This isn't about countries, languages or nationalities. havnt thought that ;) but it cant be a upload problem, if the problem appears even after a host change. only at one map only between the same two players at a map with multiple other problems i have hosted Ubermonsterfest maps with full player count and no problems. only with players from other countries, so why is it lagging at a map with three players, where two of them are sitting in the same city? it has to be a routing problem between these players then, because there was no
  3. noticed this too. ok, that the can throw the ball under the wall is one thing, not funny but ok, there is no wall. you have to set your wall near to the center, so the ball would be reflected most of the times. that they can hurt towers if they throw the ball through the stone wall is bad... i think they do it, because they give a direct hit to the towers who are standing as closest as possible to the crystal, it would be impossible to deal splash damage to them while hitting the wall, so i think they fly through it.
  4. i dont want to talk about this topic again, the last one was a guy from WH4k Space Marine. "your connection is to bad" yes...realy...americans, australian and german players in one game with peer to peer connection... but that is another problem. Nah, im out of this topic now, wont make sense anymore. in germany DSL 16k is a good midclass connection, only VDSL would be faster i think. we could switch from 16Mbit/s to 50Mbit/s, but it wouldnt make sense. there was only a lagging problem at CitC for me, the amount of enemys at the same time was too high to handle, thats all. Also there c
  5. dsl 16k means that i have a download speed of 1,6MB per second. http://n1.netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.edu/summary/id=43ca253f-4672-cc65152e-b70d-4926-b0f5 as i said before, we played all_the_maps in a row, only in City in the Cliffs we got these problems. from beginning to wave 21 no problems. we failed then, and started again on wave 21. after this...nothing worked. invisible enemys, phantom-enemys etc. the lagging is one thing we have always on higher waves, too many enemys on screen. but like CitC...no, this was the first time, and only between two of three players. i could bet there wa
  6. if his connection cant handle the upload, then why was the game run smoothly for one of my friends? the connetion issue was only between the host and me. 3 players Friend A 6k - Host (Monk) Friend B 16k - Normal (Monk) Me 16k - Hardcore Lag (Summoner) Friend A 6k - Hardcore Lag (Squire) Friend B 16k - Normal (Monk) Me 16k - Host (Summoner) thats what i think is crazy. if it would be realy the upload of the host, then why isnt there a problem for friend B? Also i thought about something like a package lost between us, we are both from the same city and only maybe 5km between us. frie
  7. we had this too, a friend of me (DSL 6k) hosted a game, we joined it so we were 3 players inside. the other two player of us using DSL 16k. Only for me the game freezed, no enemys anymore, only invisible damage. i cant repair, move, upgrade etc. for my other friend everything worked fine. then i hosted the game, again the friend with the 16k connection was fine, but for my 6k friend the game was unplayable. i dont know why this happens only between us. host change wont change it, so this was crazy. happened at wave 21 City in the Cliffs.
  8. can you send me a good build then? we used the 3 aura combo at multiple points, and some harpoons with ev walls and BBs. spiders are no problem because of the summoner minions, so we dont waste DUs for this.
  9. Harpoons cant hit them good, the angle where they fly in is too high, also the harpoons shoot to low, the projectiles fly under the wyvern model, so they cant take damage. the spawn is to close at the crystal, our harpoons shot them first as they were hitting our crystals. i dont know how to beat them, but its not fun to see them hitting our crystal without taking damge from the harpoons near to them
  10. A friend of me had this on summit i think, he was between overlord and real mode, cant move like overlord, invulnerable, but no vision of the mode or the way to end the mode. after the wave he could move again.
  11. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015850268/screenshot/541804243226357916 A sharken broke our EV wall in two pieces http://www10.pic-upload.de/13.06.12/so3hkknq4a6i.png I have seen minions stuck at these pints multiple times. Upper Circle: in the ground, Goblins (desync) Middle Circle: Spiders, Archers, Warriors, stuck in some kind of decoration Lower Circle: Archer stuck near the ramp also: Summoner minions cant move the ramps that fine, they stuck at the lower end and wont move up. after a while the can do it, but it is realy a lot of clicking to make them move. also it
  12. do you mean Campaign maps, or Challenge Maps? I have found my first trans drop in NMHC Alchemist But Trans Pets can drop even on Deeper Well i think.
  13. I have never seen the Bladed Bracers, Cumulous Wristband, Dragons Head, Emotive, Ornate But i have seen many of Chained, Dragonscale, lavish and pressurized armguards. in the brooch section i have never seen the Arcane, Ornate, Wizard, the rares are rare. with masks i have seen the Beastly only one time, Monster only two times, Totem 3 times, Funny and Dapper are a little bit rare, but not that hard. also i have never seen the nordic mask. The rarers are rare. shields, the holy defender and the demon shield are rare i think, i have seen only one Holy shield, ant three Demon shields o
  14. Grin sounds better^^ Everflame was one of the items i had problems with..."shall i rename it...Everflame sounds good, and there is not realy a perfect translation...mhhh" in some files there is this tag to set different text colors
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