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  1. Has there been any update to the update of the Mac Dungeon Defenders???
  2. Also will i ever know when there will be an update to it or should i just abandon this game till it updates. Bc i dont really want to play with randoms.
  3. Im on PC and i want to play with my Mac friends can i still get a refund for it
  4. Recently me and a couple of friends bought DD1 and when we try to play it says "fail to join game from invite" I did some research and i seen that Mac and Pc wont work together. Do you know when this will be fixed. i really want toplay with my friends and im angry that this is stopping us from playing. If i would have known i would have gotten DD2 for free instead of spending 10$ on the map packs. Thank you and plzz tell me when it will be fixed.
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