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  1. This is true, however I don't see it going away anytime soon there are so many hacked and edited items its not funny. The people that buy these items are just destroying the game for everyone else. I saw a shop with all 254 up weapons fully up'd for 5mill each these people are just intending to destroy the game for the fun of it... These people won't get banned, VAC is so ****, theres people still hacking since day 1 and no ban. gg i guess for now.
  2. LOL YOUR SO ****... lol sorry... Me and my friends only use traps. 4 players n this is how: First tree everyone comes, 2nd tree 1 person stays to defend while the 3 others follow to the next, 3rd tree 1 player stays behind and defense while the 2 remaining go to the next tree. On insane this is easy, with 4. I didn't even read your post but it just made me LOL. Just throw traps at the main points and gg.
  3. Lukums that analogy doesn't really work, and the reason is you could play Dragon Age on any other difficulty and finish it, and still get the full dragon age experience, you wouldn't be missing out on anything. In Dungeon Defenders if you dont play and beat the highest difficulties, you can't get the best loot, so you cant complete the hardest challenges, also if the PvP ever kicks off in this game, good luck competing if you're not geared out in mythical. Very sensable answer there my friend, I agree with that statement completely. If you can't handle nightmare mode through wave 1-2 there
  4. Sniff sniff? Lets be honest here, Have you ever completed dragon age 2 on nightmare? I sure as hell havn't. Nightmare ( challenge ) is there for a reason... lol I doubt many people will complete and the people that do will show team work and communication. It goes without saying nightmare should 1 shot kill you no matter what mobs would hit you. Either way, I don't believe it needs a nerf but it's going to be sad that people will have to buy items off the BEST players in game, but agreed that's how it should be. Why should nubs be able to obtain the best items?
  5. 20, difficulty level doesent matter, but better pet the higher difficulty. Ty sir
  6. anyone whos cleared mistymire on nightmare is definitly hacking though. Lol ^ you is just bad. A lot of people have already completed check out high scores, few thousand people so far..
  7. Hey guys, Can anyone clarify what wave you get the pet for doing mistymire? Do you have to do on a certain difficulty level? Cheers guys. Luke
  8. I got my blackdeath from completeing nightmare mistymire. 139 ups / you don't see the shots when you shoot but it has some SERIOUS range, lol and the shot kinda like explodes.
  9. You would honestly have to dodge everything, we made it to last wave of halloween nightmare.. and it's too bloody hard with spider-lings with a 3 second stun.. and slow..
  10. Not being rude, but it's funny that people with hacked gear can't even do it lols, 150 weapons 120 armour... you know something is wrong here. Guess wait and see.
  11. Stop trying to do the hardest levels then? Have you even tried doing the levels BEFORE that? I've done all levels on insane, with no issues. Yes most are hard but mainly a face role keyboard win. I agree we needed a challenge sure, but what I'm saying is most of us have 7.12b gear and there is 0 chance of completing nightmare modes as they stand with good communication on ventrilo/ts3 for example. I will expect a nerf forthcoming, but somehow this isn't shocking I knew we would get another fail patch... same thing they did with uber fest, 0 testing lol.
  12. I'm continuing, so far. Summit Insane - wave 8 NIGHTMARE orges don't get slowed, you do 3k dps on a 2.65mill orge. Spiders spawn camp. The build remains strong but the dps dealing is far too low. Halloween Insane wave 10 - Same deal build is strong, aura's get hammered but it is possible to keep up, birds are the issue here hard to keep them off crystals with no anti air towers, ps: anti air towers are useless in nightmare mode as spiders target them and down them in about 3-4 seconds.
  13. Hey guys, After 1 solid hour of testing nightmare modes. I've decided to quit while I wait for a nerf on all levels. Let me explain. I have the BEST gear, I have the BEST setups and as I'm aware you can't expect insane builds to hold on nightmare granted this is just insane. You CAN'T solo any level, if you die you get camped by spiders ( which then don't allow you to attack ) 1 shot from any mob will 1 shot kill you. We managed, to get to wave 11 of halloween nightmare but spiders were over come us. If my friends and I can't do this I hate what the majority of the public
  14. Unfortunetly, there are so many hackers with 100+ armour, 150+ weapons, 200 + pets. ( unlimited mana ) This will ALWAYS be here, again I wouldn't call anyone a hacker more like a 5 yr old that can follow a quick procedure which takes about 2-5minutes. My theory is this, play the game because you enjoy it not because of what others are doing. TBH it's not really anyones business if people are cheating etc, it's up to Trendy to stop this from happening. It's funny because this new patch coming out, ooo it's too hard nightmare mode with new insane items... oh wait let me go hack for 5minu
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