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  1. yeah, no yeah CG (Trendy) has not changed its view when it comes to macros in 4 years time. Good thing for that too.
  2. This was answered back in 2015: Are macro's allowed?
  3. I have around 280 stars and i'm on c3 masteries and I play on the PC, so, yeah don't say 'no one ever does mastery on PC' ; look me up if you want to tag along.
  4. I do the standard ES (earth) and PDT (since poison mod is automatically applied to the tower since it is a poison dart tower after all!) all the time!
  5. thanks for all your efforts Exglint! Was fun grouping with you the other night during your stream.
  6. it is very possible to be carried in DD2 as well. I'm not telling you to go that route but its possible. One side of me wishes that with the release of DDA around the corner, they would make it where you cannot be carried through the game by a higher level for the overall satisfaction experience factor. There is something about achieving these feats by yourself with little help, to me anyways.
  7. good job sir. I just did floor 68 last night solo and I am thinking I could go all the way to floor 80 for my first AP reset=)
  8. if you want to use your RB for extreme dmg then yes put the VS hypershard in for RB.
  9. Since dd2tools is basically gone, per the owner, and the content cannot be transferred due to GDPR, lack of playing, real life, etc...so I have been tossing the idea around of wanting to get started creating and then hosting a new site that aims to help the Dungeon Defenders playbase going forward. (Primarily looking at Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and beyond). I'm at active player on DD2 on the PC (east coast servers) and was originally an old school player dating back the original DD1 beta. Took breaks here and there due to real life but now myself and my live-in girlfriend play side-by
  10. did you upgrade your vid drivers? also what kind of card?
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