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  1. So here we are again, Trendy nerfed something that didn't need to be nerfed. Heavy Cannonball now has no stun affect and lower damage. Trendy says this is good, yet the backlash on the forums from players say otherwise. These things seem to happen repeatedly after almost every "balancing". I understand that reading through all the feedback on the forums is a daunting task and that sometimes it's hard to interpret what we ask for, but something has to change otherwise we continue on a downhill slope to a dead game. This game is bleeding players and is not getting new ones that stick around for very long. Instead of deciding what is and is not right for the game, Trendy needs to consult the players better. Before making changes to tower/shard balancing, Trendy should create a poll for each planned balance to see if it's a good idea or not. With polls it would be easier to see what the players actually want, so it's less likely a lot of players will be frustrated/upset with the changes. An example: Heavy Cannonball shard nerf proposal: Question: Is the Heavy Cannonball shard currently overpowered/unbalanced? Poll: Yes or No Question: If the Heavy Cannonball shard is overpowered, should we remove the stun? Poll: Yes or No Question: If the Heavy Cannonball tower is overpowered, what percentage should we reduce the damage by? Poll: 10%, 20%, or 30%?
  2. My only problem with that is that it discourages people from playing Mastery in multiplayer instead of solo. I've rarely messed up my own build by upgrading/selling/repairing towers, but I've had plenty of other times I start and build a multiplayer match and someone joins, I remind them what not to do, and then round 3 or 4 comes along and they take away two of the stars by messing up. I can't break the habits of other people and it makes me want to play multiplayer less in mastery. A toggle switch for the match creator would be nice, where we could enable or disable parts of the game so as to not be able to mess up mastery rules.
  3. Lots of towers use the same shard type in one slot and owning lots of shards makes inventory management a pain. I'd love to see shards stack on each other in the inventory (Ex: owning two deadly strikes shards takes two spaces in the inventory currently, this change would make the two shards stack in one spot and then you could use them individually in towers as needed.)
  4. We had something like this in DD2 to an extent. I remember farming NM4 Ramparts Incursion for hours and hours to get my 4s Armored Cleanser bow. Of course I only got to use it for a month or two before trendy nerfed it to hell and made it like all other bows. I feel like almost all the weapons in DD2 right now are the same. None of them really feel special or unique.
  5. Trendy, Why do you do things like this latest "patch"? You nerfed the armored cleanser and betsy bow that many (myself included) farmed for for hours upon hours, when no one asked you to. The bow was not OP, you did not NEED it to play and finish all content, why nerf it? Why even have multiple bow types if they're all going to do the same thing with the same damage? There's no weapons that are valuable anymore. I don't post much, but I read a lot of the forum posts. I saw a very small amount of posts that wanted the drop rate increased on Malthius weapons, and no posts on nerfing Malthius weapons. So what does Trendy do? They nerf the weapons. Trendy doesn't listen to the community, they barely listen to there testing team. I can't even spin the new carnival wheel or sell my items in the new Hero Marketplace because Trendy broke triple monitor resolutions even further. I've reported multiple times, as well as other people that triple screen menus only work on SOME levels. Yet nothing has been done, and nothing will be done because Trendy doesn't care. They're turning into a cash grab company, less focused on making the game fun than when they started. There's no reason to play this game for a long time, everything end game gets turned down so it's easy to do by the masses. There's nothing worth farming for now. Trendy's market is new players, not old players. People leave negative feedback with constructive criticism on the forums, and mods come in and act like there's no issue, or reassure the players that the dev team "is working on it". No actual changes requested. Just nerf this and that and fix a bug or two here and there. The devs think of every possible way to avoid issues, and when they "fix" an issue it's not even the way the community asked for it to be fixed. I'm done with this game for a while. I don't regret the money I spent playing this game, because I did have some fun for a while, but this is a game of the community vs the devs, and no one is winning. Variety is the spice of life, and this game has no life anymore. MAKE USEFUL POLES, LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY, STOP AVOIDING ISSUES, RUN AWAY FROM THE NEW CASH GRAB MOTTO. Best of luck Trendy. I and many others will come back to the game if you ever decide to listen. Until you make some big internal changes, this game will get worse, your player base will dwindle, and you will never reach the success you want with this.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been playing less since the hearty blockade patch, mainly because my blockades are now terrible. I've only played about 10 games, but of the 10 games I've only got 6 drops TOTAL with hearty blockade passive on it, and of those 6 only 1 has had a 25% on it. My walls went from 260k to 180k after the patch. I'm so frustrated right now as I can't do NM4 gates on my squire to get better gear since my walls are now bad. I could clear it with my walls the way they are now on my DPS huntress, but I can't get gear for squire that way. I've been playing NM3 gates inc and regular end game and both have the same terrible drop rate for Hearty Blockade. I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing such a low drop rate. It's getting very annoying and it makes me not want to play. TL;DR Hearty Blockade passive items still have terrible drop rate, blockade health nerfed big time, moved from NM4 solo back down to NM3 solo and I'm super frustrated. Anyone else feeling the same? I do think this is a good move from HH to DH for Hearty Blockade, I just feel that the drop rate isn't very good still.
  7. Yes I have too, but this is my first 4/s one to drop so I'm gonna keep it till I get something better ;P 2x 4/s bow, lord knows how many 1/s and 2/s, 2 swords, but not a single armageddon ;_; I actually haven't had a problem trying to kill air. The arch the shots follow is pretty easy to control. Also the added charged primary shots help down the air quickly. Still trying for a NM4 4/s armageddon. I got a 1/s the other day. For now I have an NM3 4/s one.
  8. After months of farming NM4 Ramparts Inc I finally got a 4s Armored Cleanser bow! I was so happy when it dropped. I'll be upgrading it completely soon. I'm just a little bit excited right now! :D
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