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  1. In case anyone hasn't seen this yet in the new CTF map: To see it, go here (snowman with x-ray specs): Then jump off the cliff and look under the ledge: I love Easter eggs like this.
  2. I like the Skeleton on the treadmill :D Nice touch! To see it, go here (snowman with x-ray specs): Then jump off the cliff and look under the ledge:
  3. But it doesn't make sense. A better solution would be to run a check before Combat Phase to make sure that there have not already been as many combat phases than the current wave. In other words, if it's Wave 5 and there have only been 4 Combat phases so far, allow the 5th. If there have been 5 (because this wave's combat phase has been started, do some other checks... are there monsters already spawned? Are the doors open or closed? Do we need to wipe existing spawns and start over? Etc.). Why make it rely on the timer at all?
  4. LOL! Rather than just match the current wave to the number of times a Combat Phase has been activated? Seems like awful programming to me...
  5. That doesn't really address the issue of being able to swap out, though. It just means you stand there with a 0 timer until combat begins, with the same character.
  6. Maybe we could at least get the timer increased a little to compensate?
  7. Better solution and a feature we can use in all other modes... Allow us to speed up creeps spawns during waves, like most other tower defense games have. Got your defenses set up? Hit a key and the next set comes out immediately. Option gets disabled when another player joins. Thus, if you've got all your towers fully upgraded, just spam the key and let the mobs die, en masse. Ever notice there are five "time positions" on the wave progress bar? Start, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and finish... Each time you hit the key, it pushes the progress bar to the next mark (en
  8. Even worse are the games titled "DON'T JOIN", etc.
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