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  1. Also, the doors sometimes close and lock in mana gems, and they can't be collected. Not a show stopper by any means, but might as well fix both at the same time. I've occasionally found myself 10-20 mana short of being able to build that one extra tower between an early wave due to it :p
  2. Maybe the new system could add up all the bonuses on the item, plus the number of open upgrades to determine the "value"? And perhaps add a bonus based on "legendary", "epic", "godly", etc. Seems like this, or some variation, would help get more accurate readings?
  3. Same boat for me, i'm working abroad so got loads of spare time :) and a ****ty laptop otherwise i'd be playing skyrim I also enjoy working a broad. *rimshot*
  4. Sweet! Looking forward to my free cath!!
  5. I've got plenty of super loot out of Survival. ...And I still think it takes too long :p Scale back the sheer number of creep spawns, scale up the difficulty. Plus, you forgot the part where Steam loses its connection somewhere in your 2-hour run and you lose out on the better loot in the last waves. And last but not least, it's not just there to do longer Survival runs. There's a new difficulty coming out, in case you guys missed the news :p
  6. Sounds like an interesting option. However, it will be pretty ironic when you forget to enable it when your friend logs in, and he outlevels you XD
  7. I'm hoping that with the new level cap, we'll get one more tower upgrade level as well, with commensurate bonuses.
  8. lol, could you shoot the dummies and get the DPS? XD
  9. Also, it's weird to assume what $15 and a person's time is "worth" by any (arbitrary) standard. To me, $15 is not much; I make a pretty good living (*preens a little*). To someone making minimum wage, or without a job, or under-aged and relying on allowance, etc. the same $15 might be hard to come by and thus more "valuable" to them. However, my *time* is worth quite a bit to me, and my free time is worth even more so. The hour or so a day I can actually play is hard earned. At least checking the forums only takes a minute or so and can be broken up throughout the day. I'm not really
  10. All: Fixed bug where Steam sometimes loses connection after Wave 10 in Survival. Steam now loses connection every time.
  11. Learned Slime Finger from my first quest completion :p Is that what the Ogres use in Dungeon Defenders?
  12. They should add super loot to your inventory if you enter the Konami code :p
  13. Unearthly Fleece of Joy sold for 6 gold, what a rip-off. Gypped! Edit: got a pie plate shield, though. Yay, karma!
  14. And miss out on dwarf drawers from executing a Battle-Dwarf? Pfft. This game rules.
  15. I got an Ape *** from the killing fields, but once my encumbrance got full, it made me sell it at the market. I got 1 gold for it.
  16. To the people who thoroughly enjoy survival in it's current state, may I suggest some Progress Quest? http://progressquest.com/play/newguy.html Awesome! I made a dung elf with 72 points XD
  17. i think the more general point is nobody gives a crap how much time you play. lies!
  18. I think a more general point is that any type of loot should be obtainable from all the modes, so you can play what you enjoy and still profit under a reasonable amount of combined time, skill, effort, and luck.
  19. And yet some people do enjoy getting their genitalia nailed to stuff. The fact that you don't enjoy it doesn't mean that it applies to everyone. Except that you don't need to do it. You do it because you want. You don't need to have the best gear in the game. Are you referring to the body Modification Pain Olympics? XD (do NOT search that out, you have been warned)
  20. A game that required you to stab your genitalia with rusty nails would be different as well. Doesn't mean it would be a fun, enjoyable game.Don't knock it until you've tried it, lmfao
  21. its called a role playing game for a reason... Last I checked, most RPGs allow you to work incrementally :p
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