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  1. I bought it and was quite underwhelmed. I'm glad to support the devs and this game I enjoy, but there's very low "value" in that DLC. It's probably not going to stop me from getting future DLCs, either - I'd just like Trendy to be more up front about what thees are going to cost, what is in them, and not to make it seem like these things are going to be part of free updates when they're just not. This wasn't likely a last-minute decision... I'm pretty sure they have to design the release ahead of time as a DLC and package them in such a way as they'd know well in advance that they're goi
  2. I just wish there were at least one Monk aura that hit for non-elemental based damage. Every other class has something that hits for normal damage :/ Enrage "sort of" does that but if the creep is immune to fire, they're completely unaffected.
  3. Nice find, even if it's already known. I've never seen that one before.
  4. I was messing around with Alch Insane survival mix mode, trying to get my new alt some XP (level 40, lower-mid range gear). At one point, I had six Warriors jump my barricades and insta-rape me at my crystal. I was literally respawning on their heads, and the respawn animation meant I couldn't move away from the pack by my own volition. As soon as the engine made my slide off their backs, I was repeatedly one-shotted. I watched this happen about 15+ times in a row before I swapped out to CamTasia so I could share a video because it was pretty funny. By the time I clicked Record and got
  5. I have played it 2x got to the boss both times with a random group. Then got OWNED lol (on hard) Probably need an organized group for the boss fight or some super mega pimped chars.They totally should have named the turkey boss "Gandalf".
  6. Pure strategy would suck so much less if you could repair towers during combat and the waves had fewer monsters :/ Also, to answer the question - you do get a new pet every time you get to wave 15.
  7. I'd say that was pretty well-crafted and to the point. +1 the sentiments but still happy with the game (even the paid DLCs). I'd just like to see them be more up front about what will cost $$$ and what will not, before I get excited about "content" (or lack thereof).
  8. This happened to me yesterday, but rather, my Spooktacular maps were not showing up. I had to leave the game, restart Steam, and then they showed up. This is assuming you already know to click the up/down arrows in the map list.
  9. Trendy should really pay attention to this idea. It really worked out well for Bioware (Neverwinter Nights - CEP, the Vault, etc.) in boosting morale and they didn't even have to manage any of it. Everything was user-submitted and user-maintained.
  10. The cap doesn't depend on the class. However, the speed rating equates differently for some classes. In other words, the stat cap is 100, but 100 on a Squire is far slower than 100 on a Huntress. Putting the Squire up to 300 doesn't help him catch up at all.
  11. At least there's some value in upgrading towers beyond "yay, a little more hp" and I think it's relevant for new players (not talking about powerleveled alts of existing players with worthy gear). A lot of the recent patches have been sort of in the other direction, catering to disrupting how easily the powergamers can handle the more difficult challenges. Every once in a while, I create a new character from scratch and see what he can do by himself. That's when it becomes apparent that some of the power increases not only made sense, but were probably necessary.
  12. I actually bought the DLC's because I wanted the "content" and can easily afford it. That doesn't mean I found value in it, approve of the price point, or the less-than-up-front nature of how it was suggested, presented, and consequently sold to us. I'm not saying I will even boycott future purchases as the thread suggests, but I am throwing my vote down with the OP in saying that this made me lose a lot of faith in Trendy's marketing strategies and Trendy themselves as a company. Great game, poorly-executed.
  13. Nope. At least not yet. No Halloween and no Thanksgiving costumes. You do get some alt color schemes like the base heroes.
  14. Entirely optional DLC's I paid money for. The fact I paid money does not magically not make the DLC's suck any less hot monkey ****. The Hero's are extremely disappointing and downright rushed looking on half of them and I wont even begin to think about paying more for a copy paste job with a randomly generated pre-named armour set and fairy which honestly should have came to us for free and surprisingly the free dlc is a huge disappointment I was hoping for something like the Halloween one we had but this does not even hold a jack-o-lantern close to it. Sure I don't have to buy the DLC
  15. They weren't there. However, I kicked my PC and restarted the game... now they're there. Probably some weird Steam bug. [/panic]
  16. I seem to no longer have my Spooktacular map after getting this patch. What gives - do we lose DLC's once the next holiday is ready? :(
  17. This is how I play Deeper Well on easy/medium http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?map=1&pos=215,250,257,272,278,217,355,386,402,353,367,439,38,170,67,170,53,153,446,637,420,614,421,646&def=7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,6,6,7,7&rot=0,85,135,0,-35,85,0,0,0,85,85,85 Easiest way I know how to do it... Works for Insane and with 0 upgrades necessary (tower spec squire for placement but the main part is the bouncer's knockback, not its damage output). Wave One layout: Start with Squire, collect chests, place bouncers as so. Swap to alt before the timer runs out for power leveling :p Wa
  18. Update: Apparently, you can! http://api.imgur.com/
  19. Sweet, thanks for the considerations and mods. This is a really sweet project, and kudos for working so hard on it. Seriously, you probably don't get enough thanks for the effort :) maybe some type of bit.ly url reduction could be done? maybe have the towers always open so I dont have to open them every time? Perhaps you could use something like www.imgur.com which shortens the URL for images automatically? I don't know if it can be used in the manner you'd probably like (don't know if you can just send it images and get the resultant URLs back like an API, etc.)
  20. This got a sticky? Hot damn, grats, OP! I would like it so that multiple people could drag icons on the map at the same time for planning strats with friends, and I'd also love an ms paint feature where you can draw lines etc over the map for explaining purposes. Obviously you could import the picture into paint, but that more ties in with my first idea; drawing on the fly so your friends can see exactly what you mean. Also, since I'm on a roll for having crappy suggestions, how about tower ranges? Just take the base range, it's pretty easy to extrapolate from there. Perhaps the entire t
  21. Some feature ideas for potential inclusion: * a section that allows you to enter Hero stats * Tower ranges grow/shrink based on Hero Area of Effect stat * Difficulty setting notation (considering that Insane imposes a time limit which requires quick Hero swaps, precise build order and specific tower placement) In particular, you would enter up to X Heroes, and then on your layout map, you designate which entered hero is to build which tower. This way, each tower range image scaling could be based on the given Hero's stats.
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