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  1. It takes a tiny bit of skill, as you still need to keep up with repairs. But gear can very much overcompensate for lack of talent, certainly. EDIT: Placement also counts, so there's also that.
  2. Pretty easy to figure this one out... make sure you got credit for each map. Click on each map and make sure there's at least one victory ribbon. If you're missing one, you'll have to play through that level.
  3. It's not so much that games have "banned users for employing G15 macros", but specifically, certain anti-cheat engines (like PunkBuster, for example) specifically disable the G15's ability to send keystrokes at superhuman rates or otherwise limit its advantages.
  4. Hopefully it's only in Deeper Well in actual Nightmare mode? Or make it so that pets and towers/traps/auras don't hit it, because it can mess with things like Master Strategist if your pet or defenses attack it and it counts as enemy damage.
  5. It's worth noting that your App tower stats appear to be in the 600+ range? I only caught a minute or so of you upgrading some gear so not sure exactly what they are... just saying, for me at least, that's double my stats since I only play casually and can't handle the better loot modes yet.
  6. In other words, click on the actual words, "Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards" and it opens a new set of maps. Click on "Campaign" or "Challenges" to get back to the others, respectively.
  7. - Loot minimum quality fix please i havent gotten a decent drop in weeks, and this is insane survival im talking about. im getting ALL drops between 1 and 35 upgrades with crappy stats :( Loot ramp in general seems like it still needs some streamlining. Loot dropped from Easy should help you complete Normal, loot from Normal should help you complete Hard, and loot from Hard should help you beat Insane. Survival Mixed and UMF are fine for Nightmare, but Insane loot should help you get better at those modes. This would be a high priority in my mind, as it's easily the largest hurdle for n
  8. He means when it runs out, that will take forever to reload.
  9. It should be noted that this only really helps those who can already handle Nightmare mode - sort of opposite from what the OP was stating. The simple fact is that this game fails miserably at establishing a proper scale from map to map, and from difficulty to difficulty, where a player can grind a bit on each level to prepare themselves for the next one.
  10. Count me in the codgers crowd (30+). 34 exactly today.
  11. I was playing before the reset, doing Insane Survival Mixed Mode (Alchemy), just farming for some extra mana. I had no disconnect, but when I came out and tried to enter a shop, I couldn't get into any of the taverns. When I backed out to the main menu, I got the error message about Trendy Net being down. I don't think I lost much, but definitely about 10mil mana or so and it seems I lost the two or three items I actually picked up during the farming. Honestly, I wasn't paying close enough attention to know what was exactly lost. All my character data appears to be fine, though.
  12. Does UMF reward "multiplaying" MVPs (signing in multiple characters from the same account by using a game controller)?
  13. I think it would actually lead to more people playing the end content. They'll likely follow your plan of farm^loot^forge^win! but eventually they'll max out and get bored enough to use that shiny new gear on the harder maps and modes. I don't see a downside, really.
  14. This post:Not that I cared much for the dlc. But Id rather put my money into trendy than any of the resiculous money sink dlc out there. I for one hope my 5 bucks bought them a 6 pack of the beast at the end of a long work day. led me to wonder what the team prefers to drown their sorrows after a long day of coding and hunting trolls :) Community, feel free to add yours as well.
  15. Only takes about twelve minutes per level on Deeper Well (Insane), right up to 70 (average about 3x per level). Tower Squire, place bouncers at bottom of two lower stairways and each of the two upper chokes by the orc spawns. 6 total bouncers, don't even need to upgrade them. Just stand with your alt at the crystal and tap "G" to progress the waves... Shouldn't take more than 4 minutes per set, and you'll net about 39k for each time as long as you don't deal hero damage. If you want to do Ramparts, I'd say stick with Deeper Well until level 60/65 and do the last few levels on Ramparts.
  16. Yeah, because hacker-induced inflation makes that option so much better. How much "fun" do you have to have before you can afford a single 200-mil mana item? Not that the traders here are gouging the same way, but it's still a problem.
  17. ... But he's not complaining that the stuff was of low quality. He said the contents never changed. No refresh, not poor refresh.
  18. Very cool; Not entering but thanks for running this.
  19. im drunk off turkey and ijust wana say go trendy!! make cool things!! Stella Artois and Aftershock, here :p
  20. On an unrelated topic, only 50 milion dollars for BF3? OP said this was just their MARKETING budget. And I don't really doubt that ballpark figure after seeing all the commercials for it.
  21. Maybe you guys should read the stickies..Particularly the ones with the patch notes. What exactly do you mean? 7.11 was supposed to introduce the shop reset for every 5 waves of Survival. "* PvE: Shop gets restocked every 5 waves of Survival/Pure-Strat/Mix that you play, with the latest and greatest stuff." 7.11b adjusts the ramp, not the reset itself. Chabute should have seen different items in the shop.
  22. Pretty much all threads like this are full of logical flaws and useless assumptions. Why does it seem like the hardcore supporters are blaming the rest of the community for Trendy's price point decision? If you've ever worked retail, you'll note that price doesn't matter when it comes to customer satisfaction and their willingness to complain about or return something they find to lack value, proper workmanship, etc. I bought the DLC and was disappointed by the lack therein, but will still support Trendy as it smooths out its own learning curve.
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