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  1. You said it dancing rainbow frog, I can't help but mimic the motion when seeing it <3 lol! I did the same thing and thought I was being weird. Then I saw your post on page 2 :p
  2. lol, stop feeding the troll, people XD
  3. You're likely suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and I suggest you learn some hand exercises (and that others reading this do so as well).And no, watching porn doesn't count as a hand exercise.
  4. It would be a nice option to allow the builder to lock their tower, or for the host to enable a tick box that locks towers by builder (if they choose to enable the setting). Perhaps even a "All host towers locked"/"All towers locked by builder"/"Free-for-all" option set (or along those lines).
  5. Ranked are the official servers; Open means you can play with mods (free development kit is available via DLC). You are more likely to run into hacked items and mana in Open, but they also exist in Ranked. If you want it to "count", play in Ranked. If you're just looking to mess around and have fun, Open is fine. Characters created in one are unavailable to the other (probably obvious but worth mentioning). Typical strategy for characters is that you want at least one tower-spec'ed Apprentice, one tower-spec'ed Monk, and one DPS character (typically Apprentice, Monk, or Huntress). Squir
  6. No it won't, the game barely runs at 40-60 fps on a pc 15-20x faster than a vita. (vita gpu said to be half as fast as a ps3 ish, mid-high end graphics cards are 6-10 x more powerful than a ps3 gpu.) That's not a fair scale, though. The Vita isn't pushing ultra-high screen resolution like PC monitors use.
  7. This game is so last year anyways :p
  8. dont build on the bridge and you should be good :D I've been building just west of it, here: Is there a better place to set up shop? Not that it's a valid excuse for Trendy not to fix the busted AI...
  9. And what a joke it is if you find spiders fun. They totally ruin the tower defense idea.They ruin the FPS idea, too :p
  10. But then they come back the next day and you usually find some dead prostitute in your hotel ... >__> <__<That just means she isn't charging you anymore. Game on! XD
  11. [QUOTE]7.15 * Fixed Enemy stuck-case on UMF South Door Spawn Area[/QUOTE]I'm still having this issue, along with the moonwalking orcs. They consistently cause me to time out (of course a better weapon would help give me more time to get to them).
  12. It probably allows you to cap off to the end of the level 74 range, just like the pre-cap allowed you to attain level 70, and then fill your meter up to just before level 71. I don't know for certain as I'm not even close to that limit yet :p
  13. Also noteworthy - if you can handle Insane Alch Labs on Survival mode, you should also be fine solving Hall of Court on Survival Mode. Get to wave 15, and you will be awarded a Genie - for the early waves, this is far superior to other pets as it helps you get extra mana to upgrade your towers more quickly. Once you get them all to triple star status, you can then swap to your Engineer (or Imp, if you prefer).
  14. Speaking of that can you guys believe someone actually refused to buy a good sword just because it had poison instead of fire... And im like dood, it makes no differences. :/lol, Poison is better than Fire anyhow. There's usually far more fire-immune mobs than poison-immune, in my experience.
  15. It's crazy that it only yielded 10 "useful" items :p
  16. Is there an actual difference in which set types yield better stats or is it just the look and name? I've always used Pristine, but what is considered the "best" archetype?
  17. The only problem is getting the necessary gear to enable you to survive that initial onslaught and said subsequent waves :) You can get about 1/10th of that rate doing Insane Mixed Mode survival. Do Alch Labs until you can handle Hall of Courts to wave 10+.
  18. A pretty easy solution would be to increase the tavernkeeper's miserly buy prices (and the map's auto-sell of loot) by about 300%-500%. This means more mana for upgrades and could also inflate buy prices in AFK shops (as players have more mana available, they are willing to spend more for choice gear). On the other hand, players would sell more and loot less (to a lesser degree, at least) resulting in a slight decrease in items put into AFK shops. Less supply inflates prices and bolsters economy further. Then again, I'm an admitted casual player, so the above certainly serves to benefit m
  19. Take a look at ceemeeir's excellent "Loot progress path for dummies" thread.
  20. Just looked at it as well... I'd actually say that item has pretty underrated stats for that many upgrades. Hope you got it for a low price, but it's almost certainly legit.
  21. Host it on an image site like Imagur, ImageShack, or TinyPic, and get the url of your hosted image. Use the image tags like this example: [.IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lTjN1.jpg[/IMG] (remove the "." in the IMG tag)
  22. i bought a high level weapon and what i want to know is how do i know its hacked or not?....is it? Based on that screenshot, I'd say it's definitely hacked.
  23. No idea why the trolls are out so early... Thanks @ Wonkavision for posting this definite sticky candidate - people should at least understand this methodology and expect that others are playing by similar standards. It's useful information at the most intrinsic level - pretty much the "Dungeon Defenders Golden Rule(s)".
  24. I've played one pick-up game in Ranked when I first started and was "yelled at" for picking up a single green item when the floor was already starting to fade the extra items. Then I read about people getting kicked for being sub-par, etc. and realized there's basically no point in playing pick-up without using the forums to match up particular builds, strategies, etc. before-hand. Since then I only play private games, and it's been pretty rare, actually. Been loosely following ceemeeir's "Loot guide for Dummies" to some moderate success. I don't even check the open Ranked games anymore,
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