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  1. I've seen this happen a lot after loading screens since the ebon warlord costume patch. Happens over multiple systems(Have 3 currently capable to run the game and it's the same across them all)
  2. Well done! I like the fact that you managed to find a way to smash trough even with the hero deck limitations! Bravo! -Fos
  3. Actually going to start farming for it in a few hours, shouldn't take to long! I'll let you know when I know ;)
  4. The hero deck, buy-able character slots and bag sales(gem wise) need to go if Trendy ever hopes to be able to evolve this title into something greater than it is right now without reaching the point of 'pay to win' etc complaints. Only non-game changing items such as costumes/premium pet skins etc should be allowed to cost gems, Anything else will have some form even if it's minute of advantage to it even if it might not help you win the map. Simply put, I find that arguing about whether or not something is unfair advantage due to P2W or not doesn't help. Having fun is with a game or not, now there's something worth the time and hassle. -Fos
  5. I've actually lost entire gear sets to this bug whilst changing what I have equipped in the tavern. It hasn't been that severe after harbinger patch though! Would love it if they brought TIB back, hell they even have the tutorial video in the game files still. -Fos
  6. Wife and I farm NM4 content daily so, I'll add you to my list later, I might forget due to short-term memory probs.. :P -Fos
  7. Hey Aussie, so far dummies are immune to status effects so you'd need to set up a controlled experiment in an actual game. Drench bows are still awesome! Especially if you combine them with a fast attacking storm damage pet, freebie electrocutes for days! Was using that combo for ages before I got my Aerial Bane from Betsy. As far as sphere usage, I'm with robo on this one try it out and see if it applies to weapon drenches or if it's limited to geyser traps. -Fos
  8. No sorry robo, but as late as last night we were farming ramparts and the upper right lane had mobs non-stop every wave without fail getting stuck between the spawner area all the way to the 2nd healing field, and that's not the only map it's still happening on, Gates, Littlehorn, Greystone and more still have their pathing broken. The suggested fix I'm talking about should be set into the Core-AI so no matter the map nor lane or even mob type should matter. I have seen the changes but I'm afraid they seem to be tackling the problem from the wrong direction in my point of view. Even though I made a major post etc, I actually still enjoy playing for most of the day! I however felt that sharing my view of what's bad and for the most part a suggested fix would be helpful for the Dev's. -Fos
  9. I had this thread linked to me by a friend and felt that I should share my point of view(For the first time on the forums).. To start, Hi I'm Fosuya - Old school gamer(since 1990) and a DD1 Veteran. After investing a couple of hundred hours into this game I've formed a very strong opinion on what I find to be good, bad and what's on the bus to crazy-town. This game has a lot of potential yes! and great graphics to boot! So here's my 2 cents worth.. Awkward Social Grouping System. I find that DD2 is a great game! A true gem hiding in a big ugly rock. With the very random and crazy public games I usually get when doing quick matches I've literally stopped doing public unless I'm boosting them. It's incredibly difficult to find a game running the map you want where you'll know that what you have in your hero deck is going to contribute. The possibilities to actually meet someone with half a brain and the decency to listen is less than getting struck by a meteorite. I'd love to see some form of grouping system where you can organize a group before you get fitted into a game and have to go trough a massive/long loadscreen. Suggested fix; Bring in DD1 Tavern System or a LFG CHAT. Secondary stats ruling your play-style. I also have problems with the hyper-focus that your build is based around your character's secondary stats on gear! Whatever happened to getting BASE stats from your gear and doing the build on your hero? You have the system right there, It's called sphere's! Make em useful. Suggested Fix; Move the frosty, tripwire etc to sphere's and give us more base stats to play around with on armors like defense range/speed etc. RNG Monster, even with better loot and Bad droprates on Malthius etc. About the RNG loot and the low loot chances(malthius inc anyone?), Make special map items be a permanent guarantee and make them specific to a task, DPS secondaries should have DPS primaries right? Example, Betsy Huntress Bow with Defense Power? I mean sure granted it's another legendary drop but if anyone went for it they'd be wasting a secondary stat where they otherwise be able to get something useful for a builder, like the phantom phoenix's. Suggested Fix; Special maps gets guaranteed one drop. Take inspiration from DD1 and make special items(Phantom Phoenix, Impaling Cutter, Aerial Bane etc.) have intelligently applied stats. DPS BOW WITH DPS STATS, BUILDER WEAPONS WITH BUILDER STATS. Overboard graphical effects. The graphics in the game is AMAZING, CUTE and Fun but it's hard to see with the fog over the draw distance! Not to forget the wall of junk if you're shooting a pile of goblins with a staff or bow from Betsy 4/s. If anyone know's my gripe with motion blurs, massive particle storms and generalized fuzzy pictures then you'd know what I'm on about. I think the game simply put needs a bit of clarity in it's graphics that's all.. I'm sure other players with lesser GPU's would also thank you! Suggested Fix; Add a Fog toggle in options available! (Console command - 'Show FOG') and limit the amount of effects possible to render from any single player. New bugs, Old beetles and Insane lightning cicadas. First of I would like to mention the mob's being displaced under the core on Greystone Plaza since the winter map update, I'm sure this one is not that hard to fix considering you had a working code for mob spawning and placing in previous builds. Second I'd like to address the Insane Kobolds ignoring the walls in front of them doing a large bypass only to aim for a lane which originally wasn't even in the pathing. I'm sure the problems with this one is residing in the AI targeting logic and targeting range. Third I'd like to fry up the shrimp that is with mobs getting stuck trying to path they're way into walls or even of the map. Not that I'm certain where the problem with this one lies but you could easily manage this one with one piece of logic! Check position, Have I moved1? 1IF NO THEN Is there an enemy entity within range2? 2IF YES THEN ATTACK! 2IF NO THEN Move to last spline node. 1IF YES THEN DO Carry on. (Sorry for my crappy representation of programming logic.) To wrap up and this one I don't even have a suggested fix for but, the Intel® CPU bug is driving my computer on the shortcut to the dump. Running DD2 on any of my devices which are using Intel Core® Processors all get stressed to the limit by over-filling all cores with junk threads. Essentially leaving the CPU at 100% all the time the game is active in the foreground of the screen. Suggested Fix; Take your time and look over these bugs, Yes they're horrible, annoying and some of them down right stupid but if you can get the core game working smoothly then you can focus towards more content! (And we'll thank you when you do!). Pet Abilities and Leveling. My issues with the pets are numerous, so how about a list? Pet abilities are horrendously unbalanced, some are complete garbage and others are beyond the divine. Examples, Blue mana vs Any monthly Pet really.The actual use of the majority of pet abilities are rarely viable and unreliable due to the auto aim(more on that in a bit).To level a pet not only once trough the use of assorted reagents, pet food and money but also trough an insane grind, a whopper of 620 completed waves to bring a pets affection from 0 to 60 is ludicrous. You'd spend a rough estimate of 10-11 hours minimum grinding the affection levels alone the fastest possible way. This feels way to much for something that is more 'side' content.Older monthly pet abilities only being available to the rare few and not to be rolled by any newer pets keeps people reluctant to try to get new cute furry friends! And severely limits diversity.Going overboard with the nerf-bat on overpowered abilities feels very harsh! Example, Narwhagon's ability now being weaker than any damage returning elemental shield. "Everything is good in moderation."The lacking of legendary creep pets! Give us more balance in the different pet qualities. The creeper is lacking, the cat has one and the dragon has three! It wouldn't hurt to even those out a bit.48 Hours of wait for a egg to rot? Really? You couldn't just give us a UI Menu option that allowed us to turn them into shards on demand? Not everyone has the time to grind for hours to get their eggs and then go hatch them the moment they've stopped running maps with people. And on the other side of the fence, most people if I've understood this so far hates the fact that their inventories and these great loot-goblin sacks filled to the brim with just they're just waiting to put to use. (Side note, I do understand that you get your revenue from the in game Gem's and that bags is part of that. But this is not the way for it.)Re-rolling the Stats and Empowerment stats, nice concept! alas horrible execution.. Having the possibility to tailor your newly found companion into what you'd want / need it for is great, having to hope for RNG to drop you a token only to have RNG screw you over because it rolled two stats you didn't want nor need is just fueling that rage wagon that makes some people quit.Now that was a few, the system is bulky, complex and counter-intuitive and I suggest simplifying it and adding more variety to be the greatest change you could do here. Suggested Fix; Remove the reagents/tokens all together and bring up the cost for the services. Add a few more legendary quality pets to even out the races/value of eggs.Give the players the option to instantly turn eggs into shards if you do keep the token system and remove the timer.Give all Monthly pets the chance to re-roll any of the previous monthly abilities, This would keep monthly pets in their glory spot but also give us the possibility to customize our pets a bit further.Bring the leveling to a simpler method, pet gains it's levels the same way a player does by gaining actual experience, not only would it give us number-nuts something to calculate but also a system that progresses more naturally.Last but not least, do some math! X damage vs X cooldown etc to even out damage numbers, I'd also suggest increasing the cooldown period on Crowd Control abilities since they are powerful no matter your hero level or damage. In essence balance out the abilities. Auto Aim. The game currently employ's a form of aim-assist maneuver whenever your cross-hair rest over a hostile target, this in many cases cause a myriad of missed abilities from both pets and heroes. Example here would would be Bearkira's Maelstrom which if you aim in the middle of a lane with and have an enemy just trigger you cross-hair on either side can cause the ability to shoot straight into a wall or such at outside of you're intended area.Suggested Fix; Give players a an option in the settings to toggle this on or off. Range vs Melee, Hunter vs Apprentice. Okay to start, Melee dps characters at the moment are a joke, not only are their damage meek but they can't survive long enough to actually do something worth the while unless they're complete tank build. Squire's can work with it due to the shield and fightmenot sphere's etc. that they have in their arsenal but the overall damage resistance and base health makes for non-viable game play unless you have over geared builders which can easily hold the lane for you or what ever monthly pet ability is OP to the point of broken. As it stand right now I experience that Huntress takes the lead on damage dealing in any way shape of form with the Apprentice following not to far behind with the squire on a third and monk landing on the last spot. The problems I see at the moment are that Apprentice didn't really get enough viable sphere's to counter the huntress charged primary shot large sphere and that the melee character just can't stand being in the fray. The monk can actually deal decent enough damage under the pretense that he's not busy being turned into chopped liver. The squire is just over-all lacking with no real damage increasing abilities and even less useful spheres on the offensive side. Suggested Fix; Give the apprentice an equivalent sphere to the charged primary and long-shots and they'll be on even ground. Increase the algorithm for calculating melee health from items etc, and increase the base health and resistances of melee characters. For now that's the lot of it that I can remember right now, being sleep deprived and sluggish! Sincerely -Fos
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