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  1. I've seen this happen a lot after loading screens since the ebon warlord costume patch. Happens over multiple systems(Have 3 currently capable to run the game and it's the same across them all)
  2. Well done! I like the fact that you managed to find a way to smash trough even with the hero deck limitations! Bravo! -Fos
  3. Actually going to start farming for it in a few hours, shouldn't take to long! I'll let you know when I know ;)
  4. The hero deck, buy-able character slots and bag sales(gem wise) need to go if Trendy ever hopes to be able to evolve this title into something greater than it is right now without reaching the point of 'pay to win' etc complaints. Only non-game changing items such as costumes/premium pet skins etc should be allowed to cost gems, Anything else will have some form even if it's minute of advantage to it even if it might not help you win the map. Simply put, I find that arguing about whether or not something is unfair advantage due to P2W or not doesn't help. Having fun is with a game or not, n
  5. I've actually lost entire gear sets to this bug whilst changing what I have equipped in the tavern. It hasn't been that severe after harbinger patch though! Would love it if they brought TIB back, hell they even have the tutorial video in the game files still. -Fos
  6. Wife and I farm NM4 content daily so, I'll add you to my list later, I might forget due to short-term memory probs.. :P -Fos
  7. Hey Aussie, so far dummies are immune to status effects so you'd need to set up a controlled experiment in an actual game. Drench bows are still awesome! Especially if you combine them with a fast attacking storm damage pet, freebie electrocutes for days! Was using that combo for ages before I got my Aerial Bane from Betsy. As far as sphere usage, I'm with robo on this one try it out and see if it applies to weapon drenches or if it's limited to geyser traps. -Fos
  8. No sorry robo, but as late as last night we were farming ramparts and the upper right lane had mobs non-stop every wave without fail getting stuck between the spawner area all the way to the 2nd healing field, and that's not the only map it's still happening on, Gates, Littlehorn, Greystone and more still have their pathing broken. The suggested fix I'm talking about should be set into the Core-AI so no matter the map nor lane or even mob type should matter. I have seen the changes but I'm afraid they seem to be tackling the problem from the wrong direction in my point of view. Even though I
  9. I had this thread linked to me by a friend and felt that I should share my point of view(For the first time on the forums).. To start, Hi I'm Fosuya - Old school gamer(since 1990) and a DD1 Veteran. After investing a couple of hundred hours into this game I've formed a very strong opinion on what I find to be good, bad and what's on the bus to crazy-town. This game has a lot of potential yes! and great graphics to boot! So here's my 2 cents worth.. Awkward Social Grouping System. I find that DD2 is a great game! A true gem hiding in a big ugly rock. With the very random and crazy public game
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