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  1. This clearly shouldn't be a problem in Nightmare difficulty, but in pre-nightmare difficulty, my barbarian can actually deal about 3.08 billion damage during the 4 second period. I noticed any time you get past the max positive integer (2.1 billion) it will begin subtracting the DPS from the counter. For instance, when I deal 3.08 billion damage to the dummy, the DPS should be ~770 million. In reality, the DPS reads ~271.24 million. I'm not sure if this is the proper forum category to post this, but if not, please move it! :) I feel as if this problem has been brought to light before, but in the case it isn't, I just want to be sure it's recognized (and hopefully fixed, if possible?)
  2. ty, taking this in a few hours if no more offers
  3. Looking to trade a cube for some mana. Have a few colors, so you can take your pick. Haven't been on the forums in quite some time, so I'm not particularly familiar with the going rates today. Please post offers!
  4. I just wanted to say, awesome update guys! I'm glad to see the progress of the new and improved Dungeon Defenders!! I also wanted to say, I noticed the boost stat and boost range stat on the Propeller Cat reads: Damage Boost: Clip Ammo Boost Range: Reload Speed Bonus Extra number of heroes boosted: Additional Projectiles (this may be sufficient, but seems odd nonetheless)
  5. I'm sure this has probably already been posted about, but I appear to be getting odd Godly quality swords from normal difficulty The Deeper Well. I haven't played any later maps, but I feel like it is probably going to do the same. As you will be able to see, the sword is horrible for a Godly quality weapon. 
  6. I also see one of the key points that definitely makes this hacked, but, like the others, I shall not say what it is :P /e nvm i see both of them lol
  7. Still need some suppliers! :\
  8. Thanks for the runs. Very smooth and was quick to let me know when steam decided to drop us both while I was afk. Will definitely buy more in the future.
  9. I need a BF Drill for my friend. Must be Mythical please. Leave price and add me if you have one.
  10. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh uh what Some clarification would be nice. To me, he bid 8 cubes for 2x Shield of Mirrors, and 8 cubes for 2x Pegasus Boots. I bid 10 cubes for 2x Shield of Mirrors and 10 cubes for 2x Pegasus Boots.
  11. 5 cubes for each SoM 5 cubes for each boots
  12. 3 cubes on each mirror shield and pegasus boots (12 altogether)
  13. I could use some, will pay 2 for 10 fine. Add me please
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