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  1. I had the same experience but with the Thunder-0 pet. I had 0 Wyvern tokens and got 40 too. I think its a bug.
  2. Does the Hearty Blockade work on the Target Dummy?
  3. Wellp, I guess Imma stay with it
  4. So I was farming levels on Harbringer on Hard (Defense) and all of the sudden I check 1 of my bags (one of the bags that doesn't have auto-collect) and I had a Thunder-O egg. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience like this, and if not, why/how did it happened. P.S. If it was a bug, don't even think about taking away that pet from me!
  5. Btw just saw this and TBH this is perfectly fine. Maybe he'll update it later with the changes. Thanks!
  6. TBH the list would be a good thing just for players (like myself) that have entered the grinding part of the game. I mean sure, I can figure it out by myself, but I'd prefer not to waste 3 hours in onslaught to find out the weapon I wanted didn't drop from that map. The tower part tho, I agree. Finding what is better and where the correct placement should be is all part of the fun. So maybe if most of the peeps are ok with this then we can give it a go. Which, if you are, feel free to say where a weapons drops from.
  7. Hi guys! I was wondering... Is there any thread that tells where to get specific legendary weapon? For example: Ghostly Halberd --> Incursion Buried Bastille LadyOrc Killer --> Throne Room Onslaught wave 15 (Random) I think that we as a community would love to have something like this, specially with the game browser coming. Maybe I can update this thread when the browser comes and that way we can have an easier/faster time figuring out what to grind.
  8. If the new map didn't had a time limit, I wouldn't have played for 5 hours last night xD... So yeah, people deal with frustration their own way.
  9. Hey I'm not that good but I'm willing to Join! Xx_Jumbie_xX
  10. Thanks everyone, I just rerolled the stat then 1 of the repeated just changed for the new stat that re-rolled... Thanks!
  11. So I accidentally selected the same stat that I already had on my Pet... (i had +43 hero damage and decided to reroll the other stat that was tower crit damage) I rerolled Tower crit damage and selected hero power again. Now my question; I have +72 Hero Damage twice, but only applies 1 of them, tried to reroll and only have Hero Damage as a stat, both dont appear. Am I stuck or is this a bug?
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