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  1. I just want to know,DO TE have ability to ban all hackers? Or TE only ban hacker when someone reported? if the answer of Question 1 is correct,I will stay and still play DD if the answer of Question 2 is correct,I will QUIT now.................. i hate hacker,and hack items,but I think u cant do anything,trendy... --------------------------------------------------------a disappointed player----
  2. I only hope Barbarian doesn't send us another letter today.. I love your wording:warrior:
  3. is the DLC come 1/31? nothing change on new patch notes,is TE break his promise continuely?
  4. I don't mind with the delay. but I want know the real date that u plan to release new patch&DLC,not a perfunctory date.
  5. Special Ability is fly....or Arise,whatever but i cant image how this ability work..like double press jump key?
  6. i reported some hacker too,but still like ur report result....hacker still sell and use their hack items EVERYDAY..............EVERYDAY.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING,TRENDY?????? SIT and WATCH the DESTROY of DD???????
  7. i really hope trendy can ban all hacker now...they break this fun game.
  8. not really bad..at least u can use it for DPS hero
  9. NO,fire tower is better and boss will push towers,so u need change some position of towers when combat phase so i use hybird app to defense finally i use 4 fir tower and 3 mm to attack BOSS i think its enough
  10. need 3ppl+ and use three kind tower: app + monk + hunters i think the point is how to kill BOSS bring app guard and hunter guard will help kill faster
  11. haha congrtu! here here HP of BOSS is too much to kill her... BUT WE CLEARED!!
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