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  1. I kind of agree with that. for me i hope that in the furure there will be pure strategy mode from dd1 with 100% chance for tower sharddrop so that those shards are easyer to get, espacialy when there are potentialy more heroes comming into the game wich would increase the shardpool even more.
  2. First of all +1 for the return of Pure Strategy from dd1!!! Last one Standing: The last enemy on a Lane will get 4 times more HP/Damage Krystalthiefs: Exploding Goblins will pick up green manakristals and will explode after picking up 20 Mana, Kill them befor they explode to get the Mana back Inner Fire: If Enemys get Ignited they move 50% faster and do 30% more damage Insane Mode: All Towers shoot 10 times faster but do only 10% of there damage, also they are unable to inflickt Stun, Freeze, Shook, Knock Up or any other stunning effeckts i might have forgotten only poison and sloweffeckts should still work Hardcore Mod: Players have only 1 Life per wave Go, go, goo!!!: Gamespeed x2 only 30sec in Buildingphase! Fireguardians: Take 2x Waterdamage, Heal for Firedamage, Ignite instantly when oiled ( ignoring the slow and gaining a regeneration over time) Iceguardians: Take 2x Firedamage, Heal for Waterdamage, when get drenged get a 50% resistant buff but Shocktime is 1,5times longer Stormguardians: Take 2x Earthdamage, Heal for Lightning, can not be Shoked attacks bounce to an other target within 500 range Earthguardians: Take 2x Stormdamage, Heal for Earthdamage, as long as on the ground heal for 3% of there Max Hp per sec, can not be Stunned if Knocked up lose 25% Max Hp by hitting the ground (becorse of higher weight i guess xD ) Thats it for now . PS: apologice for bad language xD but i hope that most things where understanable ^^
  3. a few things from my toturial expirience: first i think its good that it is NOT included in normal campaignmod becors i hate that personaly a lot if a game forces you to go a tuturial and makes jumping into a game more often realy boring, it is in the game and its easy to see at loginscreen thats a good place for it everyone that wants to can do it. Also there should be a saveoption that u can not start the first combatphase until u build at last a singel tower i personaly had the no ability and no power placmentbug, but did not thought about it, becorse its toturial right they might unlock that when i g up one more time xD wath resulted in me defending everything without towers and it take me some time until i remembered to swop heroes to get my abilitys back so i survived firdst wavew with literaly 10 hp left on the core xD other than that its nice to have in game can help people that realy play such games the first time ^^ ( as long as they dont have THAT bug xD)
  4. i guess a lot of people forget a long time ago that dd2 is not loke dd1 its a free to play and trendy cut them self down buy saying there will be no purchasable playeradvantages i know everyone ( including me) want more content and especialy incursios and other mods back in game, but wath should be making first for trendy themselfs would be more small payments in the game since sadly money is the thing that keeps the world roling things like paying x diamonds to get like 1 week / 1 month more du to complete a map would be fun and help a lot of players to advance faster could be one of the things wich i personaly would not judge as pay to win since we already confirmed that all the content is doabel with current amount of towers its just hard to get to the next higher chaos tier well wath i wanted to say xD was for the resurces trendy have i think they do a great job with the game most free to play games that does not have pay to win where already shut down during that time trendy keep things up make your thing bugfixes is the most importent thing atm no new content and add more things like skins and e few new things so that peaple can suport you in future so that u can make the game better
  5. good point but the real question would be if you used the fissure defence from lavcamancer since those where bugged and not shut down from cyborgs befor patch 20.0 or at last thats what they wrote into the patchnots now they will be shut down so this could make a big impact in some builds
  6. î got only 2 maps so far beat it with chaos 4 relics xD chaos 6 seams a bit to easy or maby the setup is simply not that hard to handle or got lucky with my build i dont know but dont get the wrong idear i do not think it needs a buff its simply huw would i put it ... fun to play no unfair enemy pairings and a decent amount of assisins if that number stays they could be in any tier to mix things a bit up but also after the assasin " nerf " they frightend me a lot more than befor becors they still want to attack you but if they cant jump on you they simply slash around and kill all my towers or cors ... if u move in the wrong direction would be nice if assisins could no longer hit cores since they are ment to be anty player enemys
  7. i can not give a a 100% on that but all those pets where legendary the time u could earn them from monthly quests so i guess they will be legendary but i did not buy one since i got them all earlyer
  8. HI all dont know if i am alone with this but pets feels a bit week since i came back to dd2 with having next chaos incomming the stats that a pet brings is kinda small (i personly us them always for tower health so that i can us full dps reliks for towers) with shards and the discusion that a few shards are almost needed to being used, i thought of the familiars from dd1 and thought why not bring something like that back ad 1 -2 shardslots for pets remove destruction, deadly strikes, attack speed, critdamage, fortification from normal shards and bring them back as unic shards for pets that affect all your towers, so u can make the decision if u want hard hitting towers and with less defensiv stats or going other ways while having more slots for your towers for unic tacktics aka more speecific shards there could be of corse also simulare shards for buffing your hero itself, like more hp, attckdamage, elemental damage, ability power so that the gunwitch will not be left out, or if u just dont care about building with a certan hero at all i appologice for bad languige hope it is understandable ;D please tell me wath u think about more replyes more chance something simmulare will make it sometime into the game thx
  9. as far as i know unic attackpatterens from weapons can be on any weapon right now its simply luck if u get it so its far mor luck to get them until the return with chaos incursios
  10. the quote in the deffstream fun fridays was allways it will come "soon" but it was also mentioned that soon is not withing 2-3 weeks for him
  11. if i got a stuck Siege roler on that map i can us my warriors swordbeam to kill it from the bottom building if u stand in the corner and fire through the tower, might take a bit of aim but its possible to hit him from behind. of corse this should be fixed and guess will be in the next patch but i hope this can help a few players to kill the siege roller quickly and keep the striek going ps i can make a screenshot if wanted but i am to stupit to get screens direckly uploded at last i can linkto my steamprofile or someone tells me a better way ;D
  12. for me droprate was first a problem once i advanced to chaos 4 befor that i thought the droprate was alright but now playing like 10 maps and get if lucky a single mythcal drop from enemys is realy frustrating ( not including luck with chests only enemydrops) and if i go back chaos 3 farming for the illusif shards i get like 1 legendary and 5 mith´s every 2 maps i play,only from enemys. there are also this green bugged 60 upgrade items with orange background that i personal still beleave that those are bugged and suposed to be legendary and not just visually bugged
  13. Hi i have maby a problem or am just realy unlucky had like 100 maps in caos 4 after reaching the itemcap not a single legendary totem/ medaliondrop only herogear or marks/orbs and after watching my itembag closer i step over this  http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901788622 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901788486 So i wounder if there is a bug in itemquality or its simply a visual bug and i am just realy unluky
  14. nice idear but u might forget that we already had that in game and trendy removed it just under an other name: Spheres we unloked them and than equiped them to get bonuses. so a return seams highly unlikly sadly they think we need to grind for esential things mindlesly to improve well lets see wath future brings once incursios come back since atm it makes no sence to do such things becors there is no unic gear just shards or the will drop certan shards in future to get specific shards for shure lets hope for the best there dont mess the return of the old forgotten gamemods put the nail into the koffin trendy
  15. thx for me it works now if i have the ev once during battle activ does not matter how long after that round i can also remove her from my deck and nodes continue to crit until map ends but somehow at tavern i still get no crits well at last there is a way to "fix" that during battle
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