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  1. My question is this, are the people that are complaining about the game being stale already the same people that cried because they lost their progress from the ALPHA? What I'm saying is, if you are, then you purposefully requested to be bored. You wanted your characters back that already had basically maxed out gear so you wouldn't have to enjoy playing the game from a fresh start and regrinding the gear. To anyone complaining that this doesn't pertain to you, then ignore this, but if it does, you asked to be bored, plain and simple. People referencing DD1, yeah it has TONS of content, that w
  2. Yeah I had the same experience, as I had never not been the host of a game until today, which is when it first happened to me. I also noticed that when I was not the host of a game that gear would sink into the ground after looking in my inventory, and that there was also some gear in my bag that I could not right click and sell, seeing as that was the only safe way to sell junk. Honestly, I think it's just an issue with being in another person lobby, as when I am in my own, I have no problem.
  3. Starting to realize that it mostly does this if you are not the host of the group.
  4. Mine was just straight up after I looted it on the first sell. My buddy was telling me about it yesterday and I thought he was an idiot, but now it's happening to me. Pretty sad.
  5. Multiple times now, me and my friend both have lost everything in our inventory because the lock mechanism just doesn't work. It shows a lock on the gear, then we hit delete all to clear trash gear out and it just deletes everything. How is this a thing? This seems like some crap that would have been fixed in the alpha.
  6. I can't for the life of me find out how to change into my backer costumes. Not sure if I'm just stupid, or it's really well hidden. Help please!!
  7. 1) Squire Walls. 2) I wasn't aware that was an issue, but no, always top of stairs. 3) Proton Beams as my primary source of damage. After wave 1 it's normally never an issue, but on wave 1 it does happen occasionally.
  8. Just a quick question, is Trendy ever going to fix this buggy damn mob? Watching them run to my walls and then just walk over them and go 2 shot the crystal is infuriating. I know most of you don't complain about it cause you have been playing long enough and have the gear to kill them before they even get to walls, but for someone just breaking into c7, it's quite annoying.
  9. So, is it a bug that these rollers don't take damage from half the abilities in the game if they're not on perfectly level ground? Or is this just some extremely stupid mechanic?
  10. Well, it's kind of buggy. You can however get it to work, and here is how I've managed to do so. Firstly, select your map. Then you need to set it to private (obviously, lol). After you have to actually change the Name of the game, I normally just delete the old name and put random stuff in. Finally, I always change the required ilvl. Then bam, create game, and you should be good. It's a giant pain, but it's what must be done, as far as I can tell.
  11. I'm not sure if this is known or not, from looking at the "Known Bug" section, for the PS4, it's not on the list. Anyways, Like many people, me and my friends like to make a party on PSN and then we chat over that. Well, when we do that and we play any of the maps that are inside, i.e Throne Room, Ramparts, Cata, the sound is insanely loud, and it can't be muted. This has been one of my biggest complaints about this game for the longest time. I actually though that it was known, but looking around I can't seem to find anything about it. Anyways, some feedback on this would be greatly appreciat
  12. It's Assault on Throne Room, but it's not 100%. I ran it 4 times this morning and got 2 sets of gloves.
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows the max % for Karma Vortex on gloves. Is it 15%?
  14. The last 2 waves on Unholy Catacombs, when it said that I cleansed the red knights, they didnt actually die. I thought It was just a graphic but on the 6th wave, but the final wave the thing actually killed my crystal with 1 mob left. Fix this buggy crap please.
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