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  1. Let me help you with that: Complete Beginners Guide to DD2 (Class Overview and Builds)
  2. I'll also toss myself into the ring as well. I am generally soloing or running with a few friends. Send me a message to see if room obviously. Add me odawg242. Currently squeaking through nm3 trying to get back to normal status
  3. Agree I have played a few MMORPGS and to date I have NEVER had one reset all my gear to lower levels and then re-roll all the attributes to make them useless. I can understand rolling them back to a lower level, but to randomize the stats instead of just lowering them to what would be acceptable on that lower IPWR level. There is no way I can re-run 1 board and be back to 300K defense health(or have any builder in decent shape). It will take hours/days to get decent gear back. BTW - MOST MMOs that I have played just extend the level cap or add new weapons/armor that everyone wants - no
  4. so in one match you were able to refarm all your hearty blockade gear? Because when my gear re-rolled every piece lost its hearty blockage and they all went hero attack - no hero health or defense health. 2 guys I play with had characters that were virtually untouched with regards to their passives. My huntress had 2 pieces of gear with frosty and my monk had some HB on him. So it might not totally be impossible that he managed to pull this off. Agree
  5. Yeah I think some people are detached from the fact of the game being co-developed on PC and where they are trying to get PS4 users. 97% of information on this site is wasted because people don't read it and it's sad. l
  6. Yeah feel you pain I really do. But as jobu stated, this is NOT a completed game and can be dynamic in its changes until it is ready for full release. These changes are not necessarily game breaking(should not be). While I can not speak on your time you have to play, you may want to play with some others until you get gear you need. Unlike before, you most certainly have to play with the character you want gear for and rngezus is not kind or benevolent. There are already people back up into nm4 so you might try and see if you can get a few pieces to help you get back into playing on your o
  7. The crappy thing now is that if you want the coin from unwanted items, you need to loot from him to sell. Unwanted items left with him will be lost and not sold for gold like the old "overflow" bag used to work.
  8. The slider in the options is the threshold of gear that will be autolooted into your personal inventory. So as you stated everything mythical and above go to your bag. Anything under that goes to the scavenger including eggs and pet food.
  9. Unless something has changed in this update, you could always select the locked accessory upg and see what it looked like on your character. You simply select the accessory and scroll over to the upgrade and the model changes to reflect it. I am not near my PS4 to test and verify if this has changed. If it has it most certainly is a bug.
  10. I am not sure I understand what you guys are asking them to fix? Private is private to you and your friends. The unfortunate thing for us PS4 users is that by design of the PSN Communities, randoms can join in on your sessions directly from the games listing in the community. This is one reason I am considering leaving them now that enough of my friends play regularly. This is not a fault or oversight of Trendy's but rather a half wit social implementation of Sony's. People that I have on my friend list that aren't guys that I run DD2 regularly with most certainly always msg to see if it'
  11. Wipeageddon is what transpired from the initial alpha build into the Loot & Survive update as it "Wiped" all character progress and the player's characters resulting in starting back from level 1. The gear wasn't "wiped" here but rather changed out with lower ipwr. Semantics for some but that is the logistics of the differences. I understand your pain Pyro, I went from farm mode nm4 Incursion to nm1 (not even Incursion) but it only takes a little time to get back up and running. One of my friends already has his squire back up to 440k walls. If you need a group of solid competent
  12. Yes this was intentional and it was discussed on this forum prior to. This was not Wippeagedon. We already experienced that back in Dec. We were on Loot & Survive before this update. This was the combined Alpha & Beyond and Ascension I and II updates. The iPwr changes due in part from the Alpha & Beyond updates.
  13. The randomization of the gear as well as the iPwr lowering was discussed her prior to the patch dropping. I can understand the frustration because I went from doing nm4 Incursion on cruise control back to nm1 with not even 80k walls. I think if PS4 players took time to even look at the Dev streams and even the patch notes for the PC they would have been more aware. People should be aware by now the goal is to get PS4 where the PC is, so that means having to go through same content and update structure. Though I don't believe PC users had an issue with the font sizes.
  14. Its a copy/paste of the PC patch notes. It should have been cleaned up for what was actually PS4 specific. There were a couple of things that did not pertain to PS4 in the patch notes
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