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  1. Ah okay thanks! :) [[83204,users]] i noticed that as well yeh
  2. So i noticed yesterday that my flame aura's were doing less damage than usual. It took me a while to figure out what caused it but i eventually found out what caused it. It has something to do with the rate at which the tower is attacking. It applies to my other towers that use the defense rate shard as well. What fixes it for me is removing the shard and then putting it back in. But in the next match is goes back to the old attack rate again, so this means i have to remove and put back in every defense rate shard i am using. So to show you an example i took some screenshots, this is from my p
  3. I know what u mean, thought this got fixed... https://gyazo.com/820cf7a046bd1465ca7064a09f66024a
  4. Also noticed the exp boost is gone. The exp spheres do not seem to work anymore aswell as the gold sphers :(
  5. I'd need you to set your profile on public so I can check properly, thanks ^^ Done! Didn't notice i had that hidden, sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. #7-4 Merry christmas! Steam profile is linked to my account
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