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  1. the answer is simple, they dont test this stuff +1 Supposedly they have high end testers, but obviously this is not the case.
  2. I think the fact that players leveled 8 chars to 78 in first 2 days, then they made the exp required about 10x as much makes it a huge to quote "slap in the face" to anyone doing anything after the first 2 days. The gear progression is out of control as well, seriously, items with over 254 upgrades already? Geez the majority of players don't even have items with 250 upgrades as it stands....why increase the items at all? Transcendent should have just been 35% boost in stats instead of 30% from the mythical sets and maybe a bit higher base stats so you could get some extra 360s out of it.
  3. Yea, gear progression didn't need to happen yet. At least I haven't played in a month since it was obvious the game was failing (what with 5k people playing per day...). I'll keep checking in, but the game lost its appeal a while ago.
  4. [c3;359210']its not just a gear gap, it is just overall bad design. like i said, i can run mistymire nightmare campaign up to the boss without a problembut the gear that is dropping is not facilitating me in being able to get past that point. monsterfest on nightmare doesnt drop any better gear, and i hate doing it because 15 seconds initial setup time is not enough to actually get started, because at best, you have enough time to get where you want to setup, only to get webbed by a spider as you are laying one of the first few defenses you will be able to. also, the gear that drops from it
  5. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=22501 This is what I use. North side 3 bowling balls + bouncer easily take care of anything that spawns ever, plus fewer ensnares = speed up runs. I've never had an ogre come from north, the only ogre that spawns goes to the middle bouncers that only have a bouncer + 1 deadly striker. It dies every time. Wyverns are a non-issue with the DSTs and harpoons guarding. Moreover, having 2 harpoons at each landing spot, and facing outwards after 3-4 shootdowns they will kill the dragon by themselves, make sure they are single Star at t
  6. I like this idea, put them in order from easiest to hardest, also group together certain ones (vanilla, DLCs, seasonal, etc). This would be much nicer. Leave the Legendary Defender and Hardcore Defender trophies in the main tavern room though.
  7. If this was the solution to making challenges a better "progression" step, I weep.
  8. I got a drop in Survival NM Throne room, gun, had +100 to all 8 stats (no specials), and 212 upgrades. Not only that, it had 1 shot only and -120 reload. It took around 40 seconds to reload the single shot. Decent tower gun though.
  9. Ok, maybe I am confused though I've seen this many times. Why put a darkness trap so close to spawns? Do mobs who hit darkness have their resistances removed permanently?
  10. I am going to be testing UMF2 duo/tri tonight, if it works I could bring you along for a run or two when I get time (I live in Hong Kong so on different time than most others). However, being in the game you can find 150+ upgrade armors and 200+ weapons during each wave. Hit me up in a PM.
  11. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=21359 This is what I would use. I used a similar setup to solo it 2 days ago, but without the gas traps; made it harder for sure and had to heal the ensnare auras once each or so. However, my barbarian only had half upgraded weapons so it was pretty slow going (40+ minutes). With Gas traps, this would be a cakewalk. Duo would be stupidly easy and fast.
  12. His build doesn't work worth ****. Boss just pushes the bouncers away.
  13. I can do this solo, however, with more than 1 other person I think it would be quite a bit more difficult. 2 people I think I could do, I only upgrade each dps tower once. If the 2nd person was upgrading as well it would be doable. What I do on first wave is as follows: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=19222
  14. bonVoyage, how does the west side deal with all the mobs with a single harpoon + explosive trap? The rest I understand, but why not move the harpoon near west crystal up and block the mobs from streaming through?
  15. Both strategies work fine, Cha's has a problem for me due to aura size, mobs get stuck under the south spike blockade (when walking around to come up) due to ensare and cuts the time really close (would have lost at wave 10). I just removed the ensnare, prox mine, darkness trap and added a Bowling Ball for ****s and giggles. Worked fine, just blocked with squire so to never take stray ogre ball / Dark Elf damage.
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