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  1. Well yea the mini map needs indeed some sort of indication how your defense is doing. If its gonna break some sort of blinking like DD1 and i believe DDE as well ( bin a while on those two so not sure). Even the attention button (C) is not visible on the mini map and is terrible to see while playing for me ( explosion galore and other bits).
  2. Thing is without buffs or passives char based you can now mix defenses or if you like keep it on 1 char what ever is your choice. If their where passives you would only use lets say apprentice with total 20 /30% extra dmg. Basicly rendering all other chars useless since the bonus is that big. While now your not depending on 1 hero and you can keep mixing your deck. For instance i have at the moment diffrent setups huntress- monk or squire- monk /squire - huntress ect ect. If all was depending on bonus passives synergy between heroes would be lost. How would the game be if only 1 char would be the best and the others are not. Would be rather boring isnt it? ;)
  3. Some ideas what would be interesting for me to extend gameplay time: *Customization for tavern. * Houseing / Guild houseing + looks wise, and like some things can be obtained when specific goals are reached. *Customization for char looks more grindable loot gear ( really like the idea for more grinding looks xpwise) - Unlockable gear lookwise or statwise based on achievements or specific goals. - Gear/ weapon / pet with a special aspect like glow or someting else if some certain goals is achieved. - Same for tower, aura ect looks. - More gear that can change xp wise afther a certain amount of xp. * More Achievements like it was in DD1 had 54 and DD2 only 15 thats way to less. * More Challenges, there rather easy and there are not enough. * Option to reset challenges - They are atm not that great but every bit helps. * Option To do a full reset char + inventory + challenge / ingame achi.( so basicly a 100% fresh start). - or new game ++ idea. * Ingame secrets like Bf4 is doing for example with phantom project. * Option to inspect people if they allow it regarding gear profilewise but with the option to deny it. * Option to have packages where you can save for to have diffrent looks for monsters or colors or something else. Atleast this is was came up in my mind for the time being. :) Greetings
  4. The risk is that you only will use a certain hero for a certain map since the 'bonus' would be beneficial on map x and there for other other heroes will be ruled out. The idea is nice only there are some risks on it. +it is nice to have a diffrent hero deck so you can change out otherwise your deck is loaded with 1 char only. Tbh i would say no but thats my 2 cents. :)
  5. Repair all function is nice and all but it lacks some further thought. Sometimes you dont want a item to be repaired but Upgraded since the whole idea that upgrading is cheaper / better. + A repair all button / option would force you to lose track on what side is getting hammered and what not so eventually a side will get hammered and risks the result off loseing the round / crystal / level. Even if a repair all would be implemented how ill stuff react if it cant be repaired fully. So worst case scenario : stuff is 20%, repair all is used its 30%, wave comes all defense crashes down while seperate repair you can improve some parts more than others so you can defend other lanes while that specific repaired lane can hold the line. In my case i prefer as it since you can eventually aswell see what stats your missing or what you need to swap out. Fine tuneing your stats / playstyle that is,
  6. Well i do understand that the uber slots having equipped is something unique ( don't have them by myself since i have just started). But a early alternative would be nice. Also cant wait to buy 1 when i have enough. I don't want them to be given 'free' but you need to do some effort for it since there that much better ( i hope) :P. When i bought the uberslot i hoped there where some alternatives like the other spheres slots but sadly you can buy them only at the adventurer npc. But again like i said it would be nice to have some sort of sphere or option avaiable early game as the same as the other slots. After all DD series is about customizing yourself by your own play style more options is always good.
  7. It would be better that with the wyvern tokens you have the best uber sphere. But there should be a lesser available since investing now in a 100k slot is pretty useless. Same as the lower lvl to lvl 25 spheres those are better and more expensive. I know its progress but there should be some alternative spheres availbe for the time being since its basicly a wasted slot until really far end game.
  8. Down leveling is only so far ive noticed on story mode and doesnt apply to free play. So free play is perfect for power lvling :)
  9. Well atleast 8 yea but more the merrier especially for experimenting. For DD1 i had for example 3 squires 1 dps 1 builder and 1 waller not to mention other classes. But atleast more than 6 would be nice.
  10. Ey there. I am a oldskool player from DD1 with +600hours. At the moment i like DD2. Only..... There are 2 things that bother me in DD2: 1 . Why only 6 char slots instead of the usual 8 slots. ( i like to make 1 char of each dps and builder wise). + A dev states on steam forum that 8 slots are available which are not cause the current limit is 6 maximum. 2. Eggs Galore. I have started 2 days ago and i am overflowing with eggs. The incubate system as it is now ( ea 8 hours 1 egg hatched) takes way to long opposing the supply you have off the eggs. My ideas where: 1. Instant incubate time at a price 2. reduce the incubate time drasticly but reduce the egg price. 3.Some sort of other balance to improve the incubate time Thanks, Harmisol
  11. Can i play DD or do i need to w8 on action / response from trendy? or do they do a full rollback meaning if i would play now everyaction for now is lost again?
  12. Sended the mail to them tyvm for the feedback. ;) Hopefully it will get fixed soon. ^__^
  13. Hey there. Couple off issues. Today bought your hero dlc. Made 2 toons female aprentice and a female squire. Lvled the female squire in hard glitter couple off times Started to do survival alch labs insane with 4 ppl. i was the builder build stuff with Jarhead ( monk) Rollhax ( aprentice ) and went on dpsing with my hunter Mellons. (in my party was : m@rvin - forgot other name and later on durkadurka came along). We came till wave 20( earned 9 mil mana atleast on the total run + had 15 pages full off items). When our crystal died / got trashed by the mobs the hosters game crashed ( return to tavern bug). I was loaded to my tavern saw his items and nothing worked, exit the tavern + game booted the game again same issue seeing his items and stuff exit the game, ran a verify game files and booting again. Loggin in on my hunter ( mellons ) All items are gone inc the gained mana even the hero was gone wich i lvled and both made. Basicly more than 7hours to the drain. :( Edit : All off this is on Ranked. Please help. Greetings Harm Steam profile name : Harmisol or Rollhax Skype name : Harmisol
  14. Wicked idea + it gives you more storage ( wich everybody needs, ) and 15 pages of space + all the 'farming' isnt enough nowadays. + why would you go in your secret room anyways on this way it has some use aswell ;) Greetings Rollhax
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