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  1. My favorite memory in dungeon defenders 1 was beating summit for the first time with my two brothers, and my brothers now wife on the Xbox 360. We had played the whole campaign and took 3 or 4 tries to beat summit on hard for us. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sophisticus
  2. Sophisticus

    March Check-in w/ LAWLTA

    Sounds like a good update in the making!
  3. Look at bonny's photo. Imagine if every stat on that item was a positive. This is why negative stats should stay, this isn't a prime example but often really good pieces drop for one or the other, it helps the loot feel "special" because you know what you're looking for on specific heroes, if it dropped good for a builder, and a dps it'd be harder to decide where it goes
  4. I've helped get alot of friends to go back and playthrough DD1 again recently with me and the main problem most of them have after returning from dd2 to dd1 was how bad the combat system is, the build phases are, and overall clunkiness of the system in dd1. But they got used to it and can play it, but they all agree DD2 had the stuff to make the game feel more fluid.
  5. Luckily for all of us they're basing the game off the best of DD1 and DD2. So there will be bits from each game, mostly QOL updates from DD2 it sounds like and the content from dd1. Hopefully it all pans out and plays great, I don't believe there is a way to please both sides but we'll see. Hopefully they add the QOL tho
  6. https://steamcharts.com/app/236110 DD2 Steamcharts. https://steamcharts.com/app/65800 DD1 Steamcharts. Get your thumb outa your butt and actually look up some info before you keep making such broad and silly claims lol. DD1 is the better game we all agree on that, but there are QOL updates from DD2 that will make DDA a better game, and make it more Fluid overall when it comes to build, and combat phases.
  7. This isn't a skill increase, this isn't more difficulty. This is being locked to play a game differently than how you would want to play it. This doesn't make the game harder unless you only play male heroes and don't use the skins / pets obviously. This isn't something that should come to DDA at all because that is a super trash system. You should be able to build and play freely, being locked to female characters isn't good for the game.
  8. You can change your heroes between the four in your deck during Combat Phase, but you can not change the hero deck during combat phase, or access the inventory at all. It gives you freedom vs the lack of. DD1 you literally start every map with your aura monk, build auras, so on and so fourth. Look at WW and think of how many times you run a circle around that map in order to build it. This would make it so you don't have to do 4 full circles to build a single map.
  9. The easiest way to explain it would be the ability to swap characters using hotkeys and the hotkeys are reassignable during any build wave. The reason for this post is for those who are confused as to what a hero deck would mean in DDA if it were to come through, as from what I have noticed very many players from DD1 are confused on the subject.
  10. @Dani I personally would LOVE to see Winter Wonderland, Moonbase, and Akatiti. Those are some of my favorite maps currently (Ontop of King's Game and Aquanos but of course those were already mentioned :p)
  11. Will DDA launch with all of the maps from DD1 and if so, will that include the Lost Stories, and the Eternia Shard maps?
  12. Thank you all, I've managed to get Moonbase down to a farmable spot on NMHC now. The next thing I need to work on is a DPS hero I feel like, I'm unable to complete the maps like NMHC Tavern Defense since the bosses are too tough, same goes for any of the other maps. What is a good DPS hero I should go with? My Jester is level 99, and a level 73 Barbarian. I can levelup heroes rather easily so the hero I should level wont be an issue, But I noticed I have no DPS pets, only treadmills, fish, and genies. What about Weapons?
  13. I keep having an Ogre run this way on wave 10, and ultimately destroy my core in the end. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?
  14. Thank you so much for the build, I've not found the Fish in a Bowl, it does come from NMHC Normal Moonbase doesn't it? Could you tell me if those are 4 du buff beams or not? I can't seem to tell Cx
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