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  1. I hardly don't have any money, however, having to pay up-front either $20 for Gems or farm for a month feels like a ***ish move. Bloody hell, I could buy a cinema ticket and have enough money left over for takeout afterwards rather than throw It at virtual game which appears to be dying.
  2. With the current average playerbase hovering around 3,000, It's relatively safe to say that the game Isn't very popular. It's a decent game, don't get me wrong, but the "Free" to Play aspect Is a bit muddy at the moment. With the 12000 Defender Medals required, and assuming you get 20 Every. Single. Time you win, plus assuming you only get 250 Quests and that your Monthly Is 2000, you still need to win roughly 400 Times to get there. Now, realistically, that won't happen. Realistically, you're going to get between 5-10, get the worse quests, etc. At that rate, you're looking at around 1000 Vi
  3. Towers nigh useless in nm1? I use a tower and aura build on the nm3 halloween map on solo to farm gear for my builders (the ones I dont use a dps character for so can't really get nm4 gear for easily). I have no traps and no dps characters when I do this - only towers. I did this for all characters before I broke into nm4 too.... Flamethrowers are awesome and, so long as sufficiently elevated, don't really get hit at all :) probably you are trying do nm3 with a nm4 geared tower.... he is talking about do nm1 with a insane gear, and probably he dont know about resistence sides, so he fail. A
  4. Indeed. Even in NM1 Towers are nigh-useless. The only one that's even worth putting up is Ballistas assuming you've a Sploody Harpoon item. The problem really comes from three things; Javelin Throwers, whom can attack your towers at an angle they can't shoot, Dragons, which will ignore your barriers and attack your towers, and Witherbeasts, whom should either be deleted or be reduced to maybe 1/100th Its current health, because of how insanely powerful It is. (Between 100-2000.) Witherbeasts makes everything with less than 200k health nearly useless. Even when I specifically focused the Withe
  5. You know the crystal burrowing things? Why. They regenerate health, meaning you need to nuke them down! But, wait! If you're Hero-Built, that means your defenses will go down before you can do that! But wait, there's more! If you're Defense-built, you won't deal enough damage to them, since they're healing, to actually kill them before at least part of your defenses go down! And the healers. Don't even get me started; I was facing down a group of 6 healers earlier on a Hero-Build, and I just got wrecked. I dealt surely 12k damage every second, but they healed for 7-12k, and I just got overrun
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