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  1. I feel like a dunce. It's been so long since I've played. The towers were damaged but I guess it was just barely above 80%. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. The imp pet isn't repairing defenses. I'll put him near multiple towers that are damaged and stood there for 20 seconds while he idled around.
  3. No, I asked them in the steam and they said they weren't sure if there was, and told me to post here to give suggestions on "how to best represent Defense units"
  4. I'm a little sick of running into people who just hack. There's absolutely no point why you would be playing the game if you're just going to hack everything in. I've recently started new characters again. I want one or two other people to play with who's recently started. You don't have to be level 0-5, you can be somewhere around 20, or 30. But after that point isn't a bit pointless. We'll split gear evenly. I'm not greedy, and I do not like greedy people. IF you do feel that I'm being greedy, then say so, though I really doubt you'll feel that way. I'm making a hero support monk! PM me
  5. I asked this in the stream and I was told to give suggestions so I am. Hopefully I'll be heard. In DD1, it was usually just one person building everything in the map, and then there might be someone who wants to build, but can't because they don't want to loose the bonus of the "One builder" perk for experience. Here are a few of my suggestions. 1: Split DU among players. Say there's 15 DU, and 3 players, give them each 5 DU. And if they wish, they may give their DU to other players. 2: Remove DU completely, but instead limit how much mana (Tana?) you'll receive later in the map. S
  6. I'm curious. Do you plan to continue to develop DD at all with new content? Is there a possibility for new classes sometime in the future?
  7. They do have 'towers', but they're random and uncontrollable. I doubt the Jester class will be used in serious loot grinding, she sounds very unreliable and inconstant.
  8. No one is going to use Jester for DPS, that's unreasonable. She doesn't have the capabilities to reliably tank and prevent monster advancement. IF she were to go melee, she'd be useless without survivability like the barbarian is with the shield (And even with that stance he can still have issues). And if she goes ranged, she'll still be useless because ranged DPS is the worse.
  9. We finally get a monster reduction for more people, and I'm somewhat considering doing survival runs with more people, but I'm not quite there. I don't want to sound like a prick, or a whiner, or any of that, this is just my two cents. Could we perhaps even out the spawning of the spiders? This is the main reason why I can't do it with more players, is because spiders just FLOOD the ENTIRE map just because I have one extra player. I already build around the fact that there's going to be spiders dropping wherever, but it's because of this that my towers now have to make a choice between k
  10. The summoner pets aren't replacement for towers, they're a supplement to be used in between/around your other towers. At least in my opinion, so use both. (Besides, harps penetrate, none of the summoner stuff does that.)
  11. on west if you have archers you don't need the wyvern poon. Yes I do. My summoner range is terrible, and I want those rangers to be focusing on ogres/warriors, not the wyverns.
  12. This is a build that I used to complete this map with no hitches. Once I feel inspiration, I'll set up screen shots. Also yes, this is a slight hybrid of another popular build. http://ddplanner.com/?l=7719,misty-nm-hc-mix
  13. We're not finished after the shards 4, we still have another boss after that, guys.
  14. The summoner is an amazing tower class, but... I bet no one expected for him to be an even better HERO class. Yes, that's right, a hero class! You may look at him and see a squishy guy that always needs to hide in the shadow, but what I see is death from above. His ability to levitate for 10 seconds allows him to avoid most monsters, but this isn't the killer, no way. The killer is he can have two pets. We all already know this yes, but what I think people may miss is the potential for this to be super powerful. As of right now, I'm using my summoner as a tower summoner, but using my D
  15. Very insightful Wizard, that input is much appreciated! -Jer Trendy recognizing me? This is a dream come true, I love feeling involved. Additional thoughts: The summoner is by no means a replacement for any of the other classes, they're a supplement, meant to be used here and there where needed.
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