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  1. Thx for the info, one last question... just got that clava in akatiti....what would it be worth? sadly its low ups but the best stats ive seen personally for a reward, i have horrible luck with that map and rewards. Thanks P.S. Would it be a better tower weapon or dps? Not sure if people use clavas for dps
  2. Looking for an idea as to what these would be worth. I know most people dont use generic weapon types anymore but being an Ult++ and all I thought it might make a decent weapon. Thanks for any input. [EDIT-added clava]
  3. last bump before i cancel due to lack of interest
  4. I got some coal for you http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198017949196/
  5. Let me know when i can take a look at the set
  6. I didnt specify but, I will change that now
  7. mopower83

    Item Check Thread

    Looks like your items got buried in the ongoing conversation that people are having. They look possible to me. Thanks ddace
  8. mopower83

    Item Check Thread

    Anyone have a chance to check my 3 items yet? All self farmed but people ask if they are checked. Thanks
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