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  1. The way I see it, you've just hit us recently with the news that the current PC only content will be staying PC only but you're still aiming to patch the game. You even told us you had an idea of what we would be seeing and gave us but one bug fix. Then went on to discuss more DLC that we won't be getting either. I'm putting that one down as fact because you've been nothing but unreliable from the start. So what do console users have to look forward to? The continuation of Events that will see a handful of people sometimes the same people as the previous event get to participate? That's all
  2. I don't like it. It's just cast a horrible spell on me to keep playing it. Also, the challenge of the game was fun.
  3. That's not a lack of accuracy, thats a game glitch and one I have never encountered despite having played from almost day one of the games release. They're just out to get you, Classic.
  4. True but I had a dev say that the free (for a period mind you) holiday dlc is our pc equivalent of the console weekly events... The difference being everyone can be involved in the DLC should they choose to, only a select few can be involved in the console events. Completely nullifying that point in its entirety.
  5. As it turns out, you don't need the Monks weaken Auras to do Ogre Crush. I frequently solo hard and insane with no towers. Just my Squire, my Genie and my already obtained Hi-Five with full upgrades into Elemental damage. Eventually, I may write a few guides as my friend and I are becoming fairly decent at the game with even the low level gear we acquired when we were still in the level 50's. The best thing you can do is grind out some gear from Hard and do as many challenges as possible on hard/insane for their good rewards.
  6. Games will always succumb to modders, exploiters and cheaters. Not much can be done about that. All you can do is ensure that you do not follow in their footsteps and keep the game fun for yourself. This is what forums like these are for, grouping and keeping the legitimacy of the game for yourself and the players around you. If others want to ruin the game by making things far too easy then let them. I know I won't touch anything they create and I play with a friend of mine so we're always going to have fun. The way I see it The PC Superloot is pretty much just legitimised modding anyway a
  7. PC players were given a period in which certain Holiday DLC was free for a while. It now costs money to purchase it.
  8. The reason they are behind is because if by some miracle the harpoons miss the wyvern they will attack the core and the harpoon will be able to still attack them. If they are in front, say goodbye to your chances on PS. With them directly behind, I still usually kill 2 or 3 wyverns at a time because of the piercing effect of the harpoon. My philosophy with wyverns and harpoons is better safe than sorry. Glitterhelm has made me very skeptical of harpoon accuracy. It is not the accuracy that is the problem but their inability to lead targets and is the same with most towers. In order for t
  9. I guess they just don't like me :( Happens all the time.
  10. Can I ask how this works when you have a massive gaping hole at the top of the Centre Crystal? I have set my chokes up that low before on the left (even with defences set up in the middle) and all that happens is they re-route down through the right lane and either go to kill my top right lanes towers or go straight through the middle and beat up the crystal.
  11. PC has it. I know this because I have a level 7 Squire on the Steam version. He loves his level 2 Torn Gladius.
  12. It wouldn't be so bad if the upgrade bar actually served any purpose whatsoever, Oh Gee, I don't quite have enough money to hit the next level for this items upgrade, oh well. I'll semi invest to save me time later. That'd be logical if it A) Saved you time or B) Boosted your equipment slightly It does neither.
  13. great thread classic. used ur layout skelton and just put the etherals at each slice and dice around mid 20s to deal with orges. That's pretty much exactly what I do but since my Prox mines are in front of the SnD's I put the Eth's on em after the fairy is in the bank.
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