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  1. granted but now you have to trade items to get items i wish for a full beard, not just patches :(
  2. i'm playing a juggernaught myself, extremely potent dps while being able to take a hit.
  3. choose a less populated server, heck you could come on mine, it rarely sees queues and alot of my old raid buddies are in it :P. i think the highest queue i've seen there is ~15 minutes, and thats only during primetime 8pm or so.
  4. granted but squires now have 1 hp cap i wish swtor could get even more awesome
  5. i'm on US- Darth Bandon, amazing game
  6. better keep the windows shut for the next week 8)
  7. Leftclickz, on note tho i like to mess around and just play random stuff in non-ranked :P.
  8. granted but that sandwich was made of sand, and... wiches... i wish for a smoke and a pancake
  9. but warwick is so icky lol (one of my least fav jungler/bruisers)
  10. i've been in nearly all the beta events for swtor and let me tell you this much, swtor revolutionizes the questing concept for mmos and really takes a lot of the grit that people don't like about mmos and gets rid of them. No more farming for herbs! no more quest droning, you actually make decisions on how you proceed with your character so that every person is unique. I would atleast advise checking a gameplay trailer, because simply put, I played wow for prolly too long, and played rift, champions online, eq2, you name it i played it. Anyway swtor is truly a breath of fresh air.
  11. granted but tom cruise is in it (it's a curse for me atleast >_>) i wish for a smaller pen0r
  12. lol winning i wouldnt do it though, would take far too long to get like 10+ toons at level 5.
  13. do agree that playing with angry heads is quite annoying
  14. me (nunu) and my lane partner (sivir) doin work lol. and the main thing that surprised me with ur cait build was no BV, was it a cc light game? Its hard to believe that with all these new champs with derp derp win abilities lol.
  15. interesting choice of items lol on your topic though, its normal for AP to take mid lane over an AD carry, as support/ranged ad is superior to ap/support bottom lane. edit: runes are only op if you're using 100% crit damage runes with tryndamere at level 1, ever been 2shot at level 1?
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