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  1. First day: Servers offline, couldn't play Second day: Farming chaos 1 in nm4 gear for range shard since the base range is crazy bad Third day: Farming chaos 1 in nm4 gear for range shard since the base range is crazy bad Fourth day: Farming chaos 1 in nm4 gear for range shard since the base range is crazy bad Fifth day: Farming chaos 1 in nm4 gear for range shard since the base range is crazy bad Sixth day: Giving up chaos 1 farming after about 100 maps total because the range shard won't drop a SINGLE time Seventh day: Range shard drops from my first chaos 3 try, maybe there is hope? Chaos 3 farming for gear: I can't use the towers I like, only hamster and fire tower because of stupid limitations and still, nothing better will ever drop, have to stay in NM4. Chaos 4 farming for gear: At last I can find better gear than what I got from NM4, so great! Oh wait, I get about 3-4 rare or better items / 30 min, not a single legendary in 5 runs.. Okay, maybe I could use the green or blue ones, they give better stats! Oh wait, they don't have shard slots because of their poor quality.. Doesn't matter, I'll keep doing it, I need that gear! Oh wait, every second mob clips throught my double barricades, accidentaly killing my core 2 times in a row.. That's no fun at all, maybe chaos 5? Chaos 5 farming for gear: Instadie against stalkers, towers are kinda useless, siege rollers are basicly unkillable with 200k dps cuz the rocket visuals are pretty crappy. Eight day: The hell should I do? Can't do anything that would be even remotely fun.
  2. I already have a key, but I hate how it all comes down to who has the horn in the end. If I'm unlucky and don't draw the horn, it's a loss : /
  3. Please trendy, do something. The rng is crazy, sometimes I lose before the 4th turn against these aggro decks cuz I don't draw any control cards, makes the game unenjoyable. I'd really like to stop playing it, but you put the range shard into chaos 1, and thanks to that I still have to afk farm that stupid map for the 100th time without any luck, and I need to play something else in the meantime because it's boring as hell. Why would you put a mandatory shard behind such an rng wall? Less than 2% chance per 15 minutes? srsly? And I'd need like 3 of them.. Ha! Totally wrecked that shaman.
  4. Shards that can drop in campaign and shards that can only drop from a certain chaos difficulty or higher. I expected something mor specific, lol. There are campaign shard containers, you can find 1-3 of them on any campaign map, and 1 of them on any chaos maps. Then there are chaos shards, these ones have different rarities, you get 1 chaos 1 shard container on chaos 1, one chaos 2 shard container on chaos 2, etc. Campaign shard containers can give you the same shards on every difficulty while chaos shard containers have different ones depending on the difficulty you get them on. There are specific shards that you can only get from chaos 5, etc. But if you can get a shard from chaos 1, you can get it from 2-3-4-5 too. Srry for my bad english.
  5. So I wonder how fresh 50s get gold in the game. Chaos 1 rewards you with 14k gold, and to fully upgrade a shard you need like 250k. One bag full of chaos 2 goodies gives you about 5-6k gold. So you have to do like 15 runs to upgrade a single item, and you'd need tons of fully upgraded shards to progress. This became way worse than what we had before the update, you could have gotten much more money from selling items than what you get now. I had 5 mill gold, and I've already lost 3 mill because of upgrading, I wonder how could newbies upgrade with such low income.
  6. That would be great! idk why would anyone want basic shards from chaos, when you can easily get them on easier difficulties, with zero effort. But one chaos shard for a 30 min chaos 1 run is really annoying. There are like 20-30 chaos 1 shards, so there is less than 5% chance to get the one you need, and again, it takes about half an hour to get the chest. 20x30min=it would take at least 10 hours to get the one you need, if rng would work predictably. That's no fun.
  7. So, is there any way to still use auras against them? I've read that people use weapon manufacturers and such even in chaos 4 and 5, so is there a way I could place them so these guys wouldn't turn them off? I've tried putting it on the side, but they still got disabled. I really hate the fact that there are only 2 viable towers after chaos 2 and I'd like to find out how others got around that. Thanks in advance!
  8. Do nm4 liferoot & make sure the mid lanes share the same res. It is by far the easiest map & therefore a great entry point when going into a new difficulty. Here is the setup I used to go from nm3 to nm4 solo https://dd2.shadowlauch.de/plan/35. I should say that my build is not the current meta but it works. Thanks for your help!
  9. What's the best way to gear up for NM 4? I mean there must be a way, since a full team with the best nm 3 gear doesn't stand a chance.
  10. If you want to gear yourself, farm for passives. Hearty blockade, frosty power, karma vortex, and tripwire are all excellent passives to have on your respective builders that will help you break into NM2 and NM3. If you want to try your hand at "leeching", there's a good way to do it and a bad way. The bad way is exactly as you described - going AFK and thinking others will carry you. The good way to do it is by contributing to the team by repairing walls, taking out witherbeasts, and overall making sure your lane is not overrun. If you join a NM4 game as a huntress with a dragolich pet, no one's going to question your DPS as the dragolich pet ability alone is going to immensely help the team. Once you get a few good drops, your ipwr will skyrocket into the 600's, allowing you to clear NM3 content with relative ease. Thanks for your help, have a nice day :)
  11. I'd like some advice for gearing at lvl 50. I have an apprentice and a squire, both with items around 350-400 ipwr, and I have some 600ipwr items because I got carried for a while. So the problem is that I can easily clear out end game insane maps, I can clear out most of the nm1 maps too, but these ones don't drop any better items than what i already have. However, there is no way I can clear nm2 maps with my current ipwr, those 105k barricades are demolished in seconds even on the first map of nm2, yet the drop is still not high enough (I tend to get worse items from the first waves than what I already have). I'm asking for serious advices, because this is the first time I'm stuck at gearing in a game. The whole system seems to be messed up, you can't clear out nm1 maps with full nm1 gear, and the same goes for nm2, etc. Am I missing something, or the only way you can get better items is by being a parasite and keep afking at other's nm4 matches?
  12. Thank you so much, didn't know that! Have a pleasant day!
  13. How can I get the electrocute daily? I found a topic where I read that it only works If both the geyser and the lightning auras are mine, but how can I have two different things in one match? I'm really confused. Checked, it doesn't work with ingame water traps+lightning aura, they get electrocuted but the counter stays at 0.
  14. So I just completed that quest at the beginning, idk the name, and I had to go to the Seamstress after it, who gave me something that looked like a token of some sorts, saying I can use it to get a costume from her, but now I can't see that token anywhere, and she only sells costumes for that blue thingy. Any ideas?
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