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  1. Did you not at least try to read what I said? I started at 0 ascension and on C2 with bad gear, and worked my way up, no exploits or bugs, anyone can do what I did. Most of my ascension grinding didn't start till after I completed C5 and had it on lockdown. You're misreading abilities are amazing and you've jumped to conclusions about how I have played and progressed, wrongly I might add. Not to mention I addressed the issue with beserkers ignoring walls and am in agreeance with you, it was a massive problem but I changed my builds and it stopped affected me. I still said it needs a change, same goes with slekeleon's ignoring issue. You amaze me... You were basicly saying "git gud, learn from the failures". I told you that without endlessly grinding low lvl maps for ascension there is no way to counter these failures, since they are from bad game design. My english is bad, sure, but I think what I'm saying is comprehensible.
  2. Maybe next time try it without crazy stats. With 150 asc and the best of c4 gear you can't build anything in c5 that could even be close to killing the berserkers before they pile up on your double walls. GL repairing while watching out for glitching mobs and assassins. But even 2 or 3 berserkers can glitch through the walls. I always have to finish my waves by going to my walls and killing the berserkers that are hitting it from behind. It was told a thousand times, it is not intended, they are not supposed to glitch through it, they are not supposed to climb it. This is simply a bug that they can't or don't bother to fix. And just because someone farmed c1 maps till they got 500 ascension and therefore can do everything without walls doesn't make this problem less valid.
  3. I can't believe how hyped I was for the chaos release, not realizing how it'll fck everything up. PDT meta was so strong you didn't have to worry about mobs getting to the walls.. Now thanks to the added difficulty walls would have to hold them, but they can't.. I like challenges, but mobs randomly slipping between double walls can really make me feel like "okay, that was the last one, let's uninstall this crap". Yes, every game has it's bugs, but seriously, this one has been here for months (maybe a year?) with no solution (only promises). I don't get it, do they really not care about feedback? Do they even play their own game? Cuz if they would I'm sure this would've been fixed months ago. srry for the bad english
  4. Sooo many months, and you still couldn't manage to fix the walls. It has been told a thousand times that it'll be fixed before launch, now that the launch is nearly here, will you make the game enjoyable?
  5. Will you fix the walls? It's been broken for months, you pushed out tons of updates, yet you didn't do anything to stop the mobs from pushing throught/above them. One would think that such a game breaking bug is priority, but you don't even seem to mention it in known bugs. I like all the shiny changes to loot etc, but as long as I have to be at every lane at the same time to watch out for the slippery mobs even with double walls, the game is totally broken for me (and for my friends too).
  6. I was like oh great, new update, I get more shards in chaos 1, I'll give it a go! First match - Win. Second match - Win Third match - Some random mob bugs throught my double barricade and kills the crystal in one hit. Okay, update doesn't change *** for me.
  7. So the walls being climbable by mobs is not a known issue? guess I'll have to keep non-playing :(
  8. Run and don't look back!
  9. I may be wrong on this one, but i guess he had sky high ascension on that one. Like the guy with 500 ascension showed it in the forums, you can even solo chaos 5 without baricades if your ascension is high enough, so I don't think it matters. Someone who gets it at last, single would be only good against bosses, but that's what heroes are for. And yes, it worked fine while we had explosion on pdts, and serenity aura with bonus explosion on single target kill, but since both of these have been nerfed to the ground, single target towers don't really have aoe possibilities now. RIP serenity :(
  10. Tell me a chaos 5 viable combo with chaos 4 gear that doesn't require crazy high ascension then. Afaik only aoe towers are viable, and even with them, it's super hard to progress. I'm not talking about clearing chaos 5 with full chaos 5 gear and sky high ascension. I'm talking about progressing in game.
  11. So I've read the details of the patch, and I'd like to ask you some questions. Which chaos tier are you making updates for? From these details, it seems to me that you are basicly nerfing aoe towers in hope that people will use single target towers instead of them. Now this is not good at all imo, but it could work. On chaos 1. Let me paint a scenario, you are in chaos 5, and 20 mobs are coming in one lane at one time. Each of them has ~800k average hp. Thanks to the strict limitations, we only have like 180 points /lane. -60 goes for the walls, we have 120 left for towers, so in the end we have 2 barricades and 4 cannonball towers. The enemies have 20x800k=16mill hp. We have 4 dps towers, so each of them has to deal 4 mill dmg. In c4-c5 gear, you have like 70k dps tops on cannonballs, so it'd take nearly a minute for them to deal that much damage, while the other waves would arrive, flooding the barricades to oblivion. (most likely they would just focus on berserkers with 2mill hp, which leads to an army stomping on the barricades -- even faster loss) My question is, can you really buff them well enough to make them viable? Because from the details it seems to me that you are simply nerfing the only viable source of tower dps so that we would use an unviable source instead. That may work in chaos 1 where the mobs are maybe easier and you have a chance to win by building with faceroll, but these towers won't stand a chance in higher difficulties until you make them like 10 times stronger. Just no way. If you know where I'm wrong please tell me, because to me this obviously looks like nerf patch 3.0.
  12. Will you start fixing real bugs at last? Or just the positive ones or the ones noone cares about? (I am no programmer, but I don't think it'd take several months to fix some stat typo with range gambits)
  13. would be nice to fix these, I was lucky I had an aoe relic equipped
  14. Gambits giving 30 range stat instead of effective range are bugged right? I really hope it's not intended
  15. "pdt is so op" yea, he can farm chaos 5 with the best possible gear and sky high ascension level, what a miracle
  16. That most of them give 8 range instead of 50, and noone fixes them.
  17. Ramster range gambit for example? It was listed as a known bug, yet you did nothing. I guess it's not as important as nerfing down everything that works, but would be nice for sure.
  18. Pichttps://ctrlv.cz/tLTo I keep getting these errors, sometimes when the game is loading, sometimes mid-match, it's totally random. I don't remember having them before the update.
  19. Absolutely fantastic update! I've been waiting so long for some challenge, and not being able to use more than 3 dps towers out of 30 is so much fun! gg wp, keep up the good work PDT is totally useless. Yes, it has crazy dps, but it became a single target tower, with the poison being the weak part. Just try setting up a lane on chaos 4-5 with pdts and see where these "op" towers get you. Even without the geodes, it's not good for much. Yes, 200k dps sounds great, but 40 points for something that's only beneficial against bosses, and totally useless against geodes? no thanks.
  20. That's not a problem really, just make sure they don't push each other over them, that's the worst part of it. I always do double blockades anyway, but even with a fully closed line without a gap, when those berserkers come they just push each other over it, especially when there are more enemies pushing.
  21. Yup, it's not only because of spacing, but because of them pushing each other over it.
  22. And this constant hosting problem too.. Neverending loading screens with host error in the end, then after half an hour it works perfectly.. These things kinda ruined the game.
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